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Finding Strength Where You Stand

business mindset startup sessions tricia scott May 19, 2024
Finding Strength Where You Stand

By Tricia Scott. 

How often do you wish you were somewhere other than where you are?  

If I were just three/ six months down the road, I would/ could (fill in the blank). 

Sound familiar? 

By wishing we were somewhere other than where we stand, we focus on what we lack rather than what is unfolding in the present moment - and we miss all of the fun! 

This week, make a concentrated effort to make peace with where you are—even if it's not where you want to be. Make peace with it because the only thing we truly have 100% control over is how we feel. 

We cannot always control the circumstances, but we get to decide how we feel about them. I'm not suggesting we can be thrilled when things go wrong; we're only human, right? But we can look for the light. 

When we choose to feel better, we remind ourselves that we have power and use that power to take the next step forward, whatever that looks like. 

Repeat this exercise as you go through your week and feel into the power you possess.

Remember, all that is for sure is this moment; don't give it away to a set of circumstances.

Stand in your power. 

I believe in you (always).



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