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Dear Entrepreneurs, I Love You but Your Doing It Wrong and Here’s Why

the retreat the workroom tricia scott Aug 13, 2021

By Tricia Scott.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever gone to create a post on social media or write a blog or make a video and just think, what’s the point? (it’s better if you read this question in a super exhausted voice and bonus points for raising your hands in the air in an overly exaggerated fashion)

Me too, many times.

Something I’ve learned from studying and interviewing countless entrepreneurs is that we do two things really well.

  • We get super frustrated with ourselves when we have to do the things that keep the wheels spinning.

I’m not even talking about the accounts and admin (don’t get me started on admin). I’m talking about the everyday to-do’s, the seemingly small things that might not change the world yesterday (because today is never soon enough, right?). The things that keep us in touch with our audience, tick something off ‘the list’ or keep food in the fridge or the house to a liveable standard — those things.

The unsexy, day-to-day tasks that we add to our ever-growing lists we barely ever talk about because, well, they’re unsexy and not at all Instagram worthy. I’ve learned that in our haste to skip the construction and just have a building already, we forget that every task is a new brick. Every day is a layer of fresh cement solidifying our work into unshakable foundations upon which great things are built.

Life is happening in the bricks and cement, the moments between the awards and the accolades. By choosing the entrepreneurial path, we committed to something much bigger than ourselves. What if, rather than checking off, moving on and getting through as quickly as possible, we recognised that the only true power we have is in this moment.

After all, isn’t that all there really is?


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