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Career Killers - The question we avoid, Is it time to move on?

business guest blogs mindset Sep 20, 2022

When you scroll through your LinkedIn newsfeed, do you ever experience that gut-wrenching feeling of self-doubt?

It usually starts with a bit of thought, an uncomfortable itch you can't seem to scratch, but the more you scroll, the more uncomfortable you feel. You deny it, of course. Things are good! You have a good job, are highly experienced, are well paid, and have the respect of your industry peers. Yet, there it is, that feeling you can't shake off that you are still itching despite all of the above. 

This is not a drill. It’s time to stop (the scroll), drop (the mask), and roll (with the truth).

Start by daring to ask yourself the following questions:

Upon waking up in the morning, what is the first thought that goes through my mind?

When I commute from and to work, how does it feel in my body?

Is my work still challenging?

Is my contribution at work aligned with my core values?

How am I doing? Am I racing to the bottom or the top?

How much am I valued, respected, heard, and understood by my organization?

Do I feel that this work fulfils my immediate needs?

How do I feel as the weekend winds down and I look forward to the upcoming week?

Take yourself out of your usual environment (think of it as a particular lunch/ dinner date with yourself) and honestly answer the questions.

Are you surprised by your answers? (we tend to go for extraordinarily long periods not addressing this kind of thing)

There is a difference between contentment and complacency. We tend to see the difference when we ask ourselves deep questions, for example; 

How do I feel as the weekend winds down and I look forward to the upcoming week?

If your answer feels like; I'm dreading it, I barely ever sleep well, and it takes me half a day to pull myself together on the first day of the week, but everyone feels like that about their jobs! Besides, it won't be forever, just until I hear of something else. This is a typical red flag sign of complacency and is symptomatic of the fear of the unknown. 

Fear will hold you back if you let it. 

Perhaps you've been in your current role so long that you can't even imagine how to go about navigating today's job market. Or you scroll LinkedIn, and everyone on your newsfeed seems so capable together that you feel inadequate. Perhaps you've expected that your boss will notice the extraordinary hours you put in and offer you that promotion (the one you've not been considered for the previous two times it came up) because they have to see your value eventually. Right?  


Change starts with you. No one will scratch that uncomfortable itch for you; the only way out is through fear, and the funny thing is, once you get momentum, it's not so bad. Start with something small (like answering these questions) and then congratulate yourself; you just took the first step towards your next bold move. 

Are you content, challenged or complacent?


Osama Natto is the Dubai-based Founder of Natto Innovation Labs, a business architect, early-stage seed funder, start-up specialist, husband and father. Specialising in positive transformation through structured, systematic processes, he has led thousands of people worldwide to their own vision of exponential success.

Known for his larger-than-life personality, ambitious attitude, and success-driven solutions, Osama is paving the way for aspiring go-getters worldwide. Find out more on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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