Vision, Mission & Values


Our mission, vision and values are what drives us to do everything possible to encourage personal growth and human connection. We do that by creating online global communities of like-minded people in spaces of non-judgement and creative connection. 

Our Vision

The Female CEO’s vision to help create a world with fewer barriers to opportunity by encouraging learning, growth, creativity, courage and self-development in a supportive network of like-minded individuals. To support the well-being of the collective and grow together in a space of profitable enterprise with societal benefit.

Our Mission

To empower people by strengthening communities, cultivating creativity and courage and eliminating barriers to opportunity through learning and self-development. To leave the world a little braver and more connected than we found it.

Our Values

We operate in line with our core values which dictate decision-making and our unique company culture of collaboration over competition. Our values are part of the very fabric of the organisation and woven into every action and reaction we undertake.