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Introducing Create Evolve Overcome, a publication crafted especially for female entrepreneurs by the team behind The Female CEO. This isn't just another business magazine; it's a holistic guide designed to resonate with every facet of your journey.

Our mission is to embolden and equip every woman on her quest to build a life she adores and a business she's deeply passionate about. With an array of top-notch coaches, mentors, and global experts at your disposal, we're here to help you thrive all year round.

From navigating the intricacies of launching a startup to nurturing your emotional well-being and exploring all that lies in between, we're your go-to source. We deliver the most inspiring narratives right to your screen, serving as your unwavering source of motivation, your guiding light through challenges, and your cheerleader in celebrating triumphs.

Our convenient digital format ensures we're right there with you, no matter where life takes you—ready to provide inspiration at your fingertips and a treasury of innovative ideas every single day.

This is not just any magazine; this is a magazine designed by real women for real women.


*Winner - Most Comprehensive Entrepreneurial Platform 2021,  Female Run Business Publishing CEO of the year 2022 and Female-led Publishing Platform of The Year 2023



On the cover, we meet Super organised Kerry Veitch, Co-founder of Reveela.com, a cutting-edge technology solutions provider for media industries worldwide. Her story of resilience, embracing innovation and having the foresight to see beyond what is currently possible while working in the lightning-fast world of tech is everything you need to read to motivate you on your entrepreneurial journey.

We've also got two very special Guest Feature Interviews from our Northumbria University Media and Journalism Interns Travis Maxwell and Adam Wild for you, with interviews with Missi Chappell, a Female Footballer and Actor and an Insightful piece with Denise Bradley of Corrymeela, an NGO providing first-class aid to fractured communities, aiding those displaced by war, and victims of domestic violence, marginalisation, and sectarianism. I am super proud to have hosted such exceptional young talent at The Female CEO, and I know you'll love their work.

But that's not all; in issue 46, our International team of Editors and Coaches have brought out the big guns, furnishing us with tips, ideas and full-on inspiration. With topics ranging from Unleashing Your Feminine Energy to discovering where (almost) Everybody Goes Wrong in Business and everything in between, we've got you covered from startup to CEO.

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Mindset, Ease and Flow by Hayley McDonnell  // Where (almost) Everybody Goes Wrong by Dino Tartaglia // Having A Clear Vision by Ilana Jankowitz // From Goals to Roles, Meet Footballer and Actor Missi Chappell by Adam Wild // That Girl Meets LaKisa Renee by Natasha Lee // Three Differences Between Copy & Content and Why It Matters by Jackie Wilson // Manage Your Energy, Manage Your Day by Ambila Nath // Business Travel Made Easy by Lisa Talbot // The Power of Rest by Helena Zacharissen // In The Spotlight with Co-Founder of Reveela.com Kerry Veitch // Unleash Your Feminine Energy by Jenn Baron // What Is A Generational Cycle Breaker? by Marisa Sim // Mind Your Business: How Prioritising Mental Health Benefits Business for Introvert CEOs // How & Why You Should Be Delegating Your Brand Building To Achieve Success As A Female Owned Business Fast by Laura Pearman // Finding Your Writing Voice by Claire Winter // Corrymeela; An Open Village With Programme Manager, Denise Bradley // The Quality of Your Life is Consistent With The Quality of Your Decisions by Tricia Scott

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