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You're Not Crazy, You're An Entrepreneur

startup sessions the workroom tricia scott Jul 16, 2020

By Tricia Scott

Tell me if any of the following sounds familiar.

Your friends keep asking why you aren't any fun anymore, your partner is giving you sideways glances across the table and your family are wondering who did what with their daughter/ granddaughter/ sister/ mother. 


It's likely if you're nodding along you've realised you want to start your own business. You've made a decision that you want more. More freedom, success, money, self-worth. 

Or perhaps you're already in business, you're doing it. Out there, getting visible and telling the world how awesome your product is but...

Ah but...

You feel a bit, lost. Lonely even if the truth is really known.

Before this adventure, you had a decent life. People understood the you that went to work 9-5 and came home, watched TV, ate dinner. You know, the regular stuff that everyone does. 

But now? 

Now they don't really get you. They still love you, of course, but something has changed. You're not just existing anymore, you're working towards something bigger. Your mindset has shifted and with it your focus on what's important to you. You're reading the books, watching the youtube tutorials and living and breathing your idea. So what's up with the negative nancies?? 

It's important to know you are not alone here. It happens all the time. Many (most) of the entrepreneurs I talk to have experienced this very thing and it's more common than you realise. The people around you are used to you behaving and being a certain way, it's a level of certainty. Human beings don't handle change all that well, it takes time, patience and sometimes a good heart to heart to appeal to the human in human nature. Those who love you will always have your back, remember that, and those who persist with negativity? Well...

Forget them. 

Seriously, you are here because you want more, and you deserve it too. We're all in the same boat, the community I've built here exists to empower each other. We get it, we get you. An entrepreneurial mindset isn't for everyone and that's totally ok, but it is for us. You don't need to explain to us why you're reading another book on marketing, or why you skipped breakfast to go to a 6am networking event. We want to hear about what you're reading and if its any good and you can share your networking success with us. We're here to cheer you on and help you to overcome whatever roadblocks get thrown up along the way. 

Join in the conversations in The Community, talk to us about what's bugging you and get it off your chest. Celebrate your successes with us and delight in the progression of your biz besties. Learn from each other and help one another out. You are here because you are ready, and wherever you are, we are here for you. 

You are never alone here.


Tricia Scott is the Founder and Editor of The Female CEO - Create Evolve Overcome, a platform and digital magazine holding the space to showcase female entrepreneurs from all over the world. She works and collaborates with various organisations to bring the most inspirational journeys, stories and training to help entrepreneurs on their own personal success mission. The Female CEO is growing, expanding and gaining global recognition daily and Tricia is able to bring her own level of expertise as a coach, mentor and multi-company director to her very exclusive table along with her team of brilliant Guest Editors and Bloggers. You'll usually find her with her Macbook in one hand and a coffee or a glass of something fizzy in the other and she always have sunglasses in her hair. Reach out anytime! 





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