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Women Of The World: Mastering Marketing with Marjina Mozid, Co-Founder of Go Design Online

business interviews Jan 25, 2022

Marjina Mozid is co-founder of the digital marketing agency, Go Design Online. She is a skilled web designer, funnel builder, copywriter and avid problem solver.  

Raised in Jorhat in the Northeastern part of India, known as the "Tea capital of the world", Marjina was inspired as a child by the burbling rivers and stunning sunsets amidst the tea gardens of her homeland to develop an interest in photography, exploring and reading.


How It All Began

As a gifted student, Marjina found herself working for a Fortune 500 company, climbing the corporate ladder and excelling in all she set her mind to. However, despite her accelerated rise through the corporate ranks, there was always a fire in her heart to establish something of her own. Marjina says life is more than promotion, appraisal and a 9 to 5 job. To live a contented life, one needs location, time and financial freedom in professional life. The onset of Covid-19 only fuelled her desire further, and the global lockdown of 2019 allowed her space to dig deeper into her desires.

In 2020, Marjina left her high paying job to establish Go Design Online. Her experience of working with clients from different countries allowed her to master the art of management, problem-solving and technical competency, all skills that she knew would serve her well in her new endeavour. She regards Amy Porterfield as her source of inspiration and is thrilled that people around the world have taken up entrepreneurship to lead a life they desire. 


In Quest of a Niche

Marjina is an ardent believer and a preacher of personal well-being and swears by wellness activities, whether mental health, physical or spiritual. After stepping into the digital marketing world, she noticed that many wellness entrepreneurs struggle to move their businesses online due to a lack of technical knowledge or time. This realisation, coupled with her passion for the subject, led her to devote her time and energy to serving wellness entrepreneurs, coaches, guides and mentors in making full use of the virtual world to connect to their audience and make the world a better place to live.


Building a Team

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it- H.E. Luccock

Marjina considers herself very lucky to have her husband and experienced business analyst, Tanveer Anam, as the most extensive support in setting up Go Design Online. Working as a two-person team, they were able to service a limited number of clients, but as demand for their work grew, they soon hit a limit as to what could be delivered, and it became apparent that it was time to hire a team. Onboarding the creative brains of Juthika Barman (a musician by heart and a former copy editor) and Promit Banerjee (a former trader in the financial market and a theatre artist) allowed Go Design Online to take flight. The result? More enthusiasm, more brainstorming, and enhanced quality in lesser time. "If team members are dedicatedly moving towards a common goal, success becomes inevitable," says Marjina.


Go Design Online Services 

Copywriting: Be it an ad copy, a sales page, landing page, email sequence, or a webinar script, each piece of content is written exclusively, keeping the target audience in mind making each client's service stand out from the rest.

Website Design: Designing stylish yet easily navigable pages directing the client through the entire page without feeling lost or bored.

Funnel Building:  Team GDO is experienced in expertly designed funnels converting website visitors to exclusive and permanent clients, and enhancing revenue on the way.

Technical Set-Up:  Leaving all the intricate technicalities to Team GDO, clients can focus on their services and areas of expertise. 


What's Next for Go Design Online? 

After working with, and delivering quality projects to numerous clients across the globe, Go Design Online has only sharpened its skills in producing better client solutions. Taking away the headache of tech, Marjina and her team go one step further and make sure each element is running perfectly, making it the ideal affordable solution for anyone looking for a one-stop-shop with a tailor-made approach and affordable service.

To date, Go Design Online has served a worldwide host of Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Meditation Gurus and Leadership Coaches, delivering tangible results and gaining valuable experience along the way. With knowledge, skill and confidence as the company backbone, it's easy to see that Team GDO are ready and willing to go that extra mile to support and uplift entrepreneurs prepared to get their businesses running smoothly, efficiently and hazard-free. I have a feeling the world of well-being will hear a lot more of the name Marjina Mozid in the future! 

To learn more about Go Design Online you can visit their website here



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