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What Is Your Brand Story – And Why Should Anyone Care?

business lauren regan pr May 29, 2024
What Is Your Brand Story – And Why Should Anyone Care?

By Lauren Regan.

Great brands are everywhere, and, given 30 seconds, most of us could name one that resonates with us. It could be your go-to comfort food, a tech giant, a kitchen appliance, or a fashion brand – there will be something about it that you just, like. And I bet it's not just the logo.

Truly great brands know themselves inside out. They get what makes their community tick, and they make you feel something. The modern world is noisy, and wherever we go, brands are vying for your attention. From social media to billboards and TV ads, it can all get a bit much.

Building a meaningful brand is defined as creating a consistent impact that adds value to your internal and external audiences. But what does that mean in practice? Well, it involves a little bit of soul-searching and some honest conversations about your place in the world, what you care about, and who you align with.

After all, if you stand for nothing, you fall for anything.


Put your story first

Depending on your business, chances are other people are doing a similar thing. Great! Let them! The things you sell or the services you offer are often among the least interesting things about your organisation. But what is interesting and memorable is the story behind them. A well-thought-through, story-led message will make your audience sit up and pay attention. Research shows that stories are 22 times more memorable than a list of facts and figures, and a well-crafted, relevant, and consistent story is much easier for your stakeholders to share in the real world.

Imagine you were sitting in a coffee shop with a new friend, you wouldn't just stand on a chair and shout stats about yourself (I'm 5ft 7! I have a degree in English! I'm really funny and we should be BFFs forever!) – weird right, and I'm pretty you're your new friend has already left and is currently blocking you on every platform imaginable. In the real world, we trade stories to build real human connections, to spark conversation, and to create shared experiences. Your brand is no different.

Don't be swayed by the metrics of 'eyeballs' or 'clicks'; remember there are real people, living real lives, at the other end of your press release, Instagram post, or email who are looking for a reason to connect with you and have a meaningful interaction.


Do it on purpose

In the words of the great Dolly Parton, "Find who you are and then do it on purpose". There is a reason behind why you launched your business, why your customers come back to you, and what would be missing if your organisation no longer existed in the world. Your purpose is not what you do; it's not your mission statement or that perfectly crafted sales pitch – your purpose is your reason for existing in the world, and it gives your audience something to care about. Put your purpose at the heart of everything you communicate and take your audience on that journey with you; give them a chance to feel like a character in your story.


Take time to define who you are

Defining who your brand is and how it speaks is essential to telling a consistent story, but don't fall into the trap of defining yourself so narrowly that you can't react and adjust to different scenarios. For example, consider if you classify yourself as a 'Joker' brand – how do you communicate in a crisis? You can't be cracking jokes, but you also want to stay true to your brand identity. That's where you can get into trouble. Don't try and shove yourself in a box that doesn't quite fit; speak to your team, your customers, and your wider community to define who your brand would be if they were a living person – what would they wear, eat, sound like, and care about? Develop parameters that will help everyone inside and outside your business tell your story consistently and authentically. Your brand will stop sounding like a collection of voices and take on a life of its own.


What do you stand for?

Individuals and businesses all have values, and the question is whether we should take the time to consider them or not. If your business mission or vision is the destination you want to reach, our core values outline how we will behave towards each other on the journey and who we will partner with along the way. Your values play a huge role in your brand story – they help you stay true to who you are, partner with the right people, and give your community something to feel proud to be aligned with. If you don't know who you are and what you stand for, it's difficult to get other people to understand and get on board with you.


To build a resilient business that can withstand disruption and change, your brand has to be built on meaningful relationships, not transactional ones. So put down the product fact sheets, step away from the dry data, and start sharing authentic stories from the heart. Help your audiences get to know you and invite them along for the ride.

Crafting a meaningful brand story is within reach for every organisation. MOLE works with businesses in the UK and Canada to find their voice, tell their stories, and shape their future. To speak to Lauren about your organisation's ambitions, reach out on l[email protected]


 Lauren Regan is the founder and creative director MOLE, a PR and creative consultancy founded to help SMEs and non-profits worldwide find their identity, craft great stories, and shape their future.

Lauren has over 15 years of experience as part of in-house marketing teams in the non-profit and travel sectors before joining an award-winning creative agency as creative director. An avid storyteller and believer in the power of big ideas, Lauren has crafted award-winning campaigns for household names and has worked with teams in various sectors, including homes and gardens, property, family attractions, food and drink and non-profit, both in the UK and the USA.

After starting her career in the arts and culture sector, Lauren believes that the best ideas don't come from the biggest budgets and whatever your business hurdle, sometimes an outside perspective and a creative approach is all you need to scale it.

Fun fact: She once dressed as The Gruffalo on BBC Breakfast.




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