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The Magical Properties Of Blue Celestial Quartz (Celestite)

the retreat the sanctuary space Oct 13, 2020

By Susan Smalley

Whilst I keep an abundance of crystals around me, upon me in the form of jewellery and focusing within meditation into the healing properties of each and every crystal I own, I appreciate that you may not.

Other people often ask me during times when they are at rock bottom, in crisis, anxious about job situations, in financially strapped circumstances or are suffering with health issues, ‘Susan, which crystal do you recommend I use?’

It’s quite easy for me to quickly share one or two of the more popular, well known crystals which I feel the person may easily obtain and be instantly attracted to. But more often than not, it is a combination of my reading their energy, consulting with my guides, using my intuition and asking their angels as to which crystal will work the best and soonest for a smooth resolve to their situation.

One such crystal is not usually known by those I speak with, and yet, it is the most easily sourced. Its price is not particularly extortionate so is affordable for everyone. I have seen it in every crystal shop, but more so all across the world via internet accessibility. It is found in small amounts in several areas of the globe, but the majority of this delightful crystal is found in Madagascar, Africa.

It is gentle, soft, nurturing and attractive in colour. I am introducing you this month to the properties of the Blue Celestial Quartz. I feel there are those reading this article this month who are particularly in need of its uplift.

I offer you my recommendation knowing that you will accept the suggestion as you find yourself in need of a more precise connection to your own angels and guides. Blue Celestial Quartz is attractive, youthful, radiant and balances the emotions.

Its shade is quite cool, and so calms any emotional turmoil you find within yourself. Sitting with a tumbled crystal, a geode, cluster, or orb, sphere or wand, may be beneficial to your whole physical frame too, as I believe the crystal is good for those with arthritis and circulation problems.

All crystals are vibrant, but this crystal has a greater and lighter vibration, I find. The cluster I own was gifted to me by my friend Stephen. Stephen is a very spiritual, ethically educated person who has a soulful lifestyle, so his choice of crystal for me ten years ago was a precisely perfect little surprise. Usually crystals are! They uplift, treasure and tend to trust you, as much as you find yourself placing your trust in them.

Quartz crystal is pure and yet with the interjection of chemicals or minerals into their energy over millions of years, they fuse together in a delightful emergence of healing energy which is pure and proven to be naturally healing. This celestial crystal is particularly coloured because of the strontium sulphate content.

Blue is a calm colour for stilling jumpy or jumbled thoughts. It calms the mind and the heart. It increases vitality to all organs. It is clever, imaginative and everyone should keep one close by. This crystal has a purifying ability, so carry it around with you to keep your auric field free, clearing out toxic impurities of negative energy from others’ thoughts and actions. 

It strengthens your ability to connect higher realms, improving your communication with the spirit world, as it stimulates your third eye chakra, as it clearly opens your crown chakra. Perfect for dinner party conversations too I have found! When organising get-together’s for friends or at workshops for clients and students, I often pop a little tumbled blue quartz out for everyone. I guarantee there isn’t a hand still and fingers cannot resist touching it!

Unobtrusive, quiet, and still - it immediately calms your blood pressure.

It is a radiant quirky crystal that instils within you a yearning to travel overseas. It’s perfect to take with you on holiday too, as it increases the smooth transition across sea (it loves to be around water) and land, in your adventures of discovery and new experiences.

Blue and harmonious - this crystal promotes peace, so is a perfect choice of crystal to keep in a boardroom or office where negotiations are set to take place. In fact, any communication you do online, at your desk, studio or spa, you should have a blue celestial quartz nearby. Every holistic therapist, salon owner, healer and spa facilitator should have one present to enhance their healing flow and connection to the divine power.

Are you curious to see how blue celestial quartz crystals can make you feel? Set the intention to acquire one and see how and where one pops up for you.

I know you will love the vibrant playfulness of its energy too, promoting a greater sense of fun within you. So, if you have been taking yourself seriously lately, working long hours, having disturbed sleep, missing your partner if they are absent from the home due to work commitments, or pining after a son who has gone to university, this little delightful crystal can help you lighten up as it brings a sparkle to your heart.

Let me know how you come to own your very own blue celestial crystal as I am asking the angels to deliver and satisfy your necessity of it, soon.


Susan Smalley is a life discovery coach and mentor. Her passion from a very young age has been for all things spiritual, from healing and crystals to meditation to one to one coaching, reiki, tuition, and mediumship. 

Susan is passionate about intuitive guidance, whether that be in relationships, work, business, family dynamics, health, heightening life demands, lack of focus or a drop in self-esteem, supporting you in transforming any of your restrictions to raise your self-confidence and align you again with the true purpose of your soul. Feel free to connect with Susan over in The Community or on her Spiritual Sofa on Facebook. You can also visit her website 

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