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That Girl Meets; Kimberly Harrington, owner of Phlebotomy Express Training Centers in Detroit.

interviews natasha lee that girl the workroom May 14, 2021

By Natasha Lee

Kimberly Harrington owns and operates Phlebotomy Express Training Centers in Detroit. In 1983, she became a proud DPS graduate of Mumford High School. She received two awards in the 2018 Detroit City Council Spirit of Detroit Awards, as well as receiving the Walker Power 15 Legacy Award Detroit, which honors 150 women across the nation. Ms. Harrington was recently honored as the Who's Who in Black Detroit 2020. Ms. Harrington engages in work that creates employment opportunities for those who need it the most. She is dedicated to giving opportunities to individuals who have the desire to achieve and the desire to become leading and productive citizens in society.

Ms. Harrington is a strong believer in education, hard work and upward mobility. She is also a big supporter of those who have the urge to start a new career path. Ms. Harrington is not only a preferred vendor for the State of Michigan which supports Detroit At Work and DHHS Path participants, but she is also an active partner with DPSCD Parent Network which provided over 60 full phlebotomy scholarships in 2018 and 2019 for parents of Detroit public school children.

Phlebotomy Express Training Centers is located at 17580 Wyoming, across the street from Samuel Mumford High School. Phlebotomy Express Training Centers offers 4-week and 6-week certification courses in Phlebotomy and Medical Assistant training. Ms. Harrington also works diligently with graduates and employers by providing job placement support. Her vocational center is nationally accredited with the National Center for Competency Testing, and the American Medical Certification Association. The average graduate from PETC earns $32,000 upon graduation.

Kimberly is a proud partner of Volunteers of America HPOG 2.0 Grant, which is a $10.5 million dollar study stipend to break generational poverty by providing free healthcare training for career-based jobs for Wayne County residents. Ms. Harrington is an active member of various business roundtables pertaining to small business development and cradle to career for children k-12.

Her latest venture and most challenging task yet, is opening a second satellite location in Ypsilanti, Michigan in collaboration with WSC Academy.

For more information, view the school website, or social media platforms.


What intrigued you about Phlebotomy?

The thing that intrigued me most about Phlebotomy was that there weren't many people of color in the field, and it was a skill set performed on everybody and no one knew the title of the profession. Who hasn't had blood work done???


What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? 

I was inspired to become an entrepreneur because I had worked 30 years for someone else before I retired. I knew if I wanted to make a change in my community, I had to be the boss of my own vision.


How did your partnership with Volunteers of America HPOG 2.0 Grant come about?

The director of Volunteers of America HPOG googled and researched Phlebotomy Express Training Centers, and based on the reviews as well as in house visits, contacted me and offered a partnership.


What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

I enjoy meeting students the first day and watching their potential turn into reality four weeks later. The journey is beautiful each time.


When you think of the word ‘success’, what comes to mind?

The word ‘success’ for me brings to mind “Pursuit of happiness, and next????!!!” Successful people never stop reaching for the next goal.


How has business been like for you during the pandemic?

Business during the pandemic has been extremely busy. Lots of people were displaced. A lot of people needed to upgrade their skill set in the fastest way. Because my classes are short-term and affordable, we were able to fill that void.


How would you describe your entrepreneurial journey in three words?

My entrepreneurial journey in three words can be described as passion, patience, and perseverance.


What makes a great leader?

A great leader is someone who selflessly teaches people how to lead.


What advice would you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

The advice I have for aspiring entrepreneurs is to follow the dream from beginning to end, don't give up. I follow the four p's - passion, perseverance, patience, and people. And then I fill in the blanks.


Natasha Lee is a visionary, entrepreneur and advocate for all things SHE led. She has built businesses, raised a family and worked alongside some of the most inspirational women globally.

Her #ThatGirl brand is all about strong female leadership, and she wears what she preaches! Have you seen the red lipstick cute T-shirts?! From an early age (She was an 8-year-old DIVA) to the present day, she worked toward her dreams. Natasha doesn't allow anything to hold her back. You can read all about her journey to becoming That Girl here and if you want to ask her any questions drop into The Community 




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