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Numerology And The Number 6

the retreat the sanctuary space Jul 07, 2020

By Susan Smalley

In Numerology the number 6 is symbolic of balance, security, pleasure, entertaining, socialising, dining, celebrating, respect, promotion, wellbeing, achievements, victory, planning, travel, and friendships. 6 stimulates good energy! High energy! Success!

6 indicates strong relationships with children and grandchildren, and negotiations regarding their education, play and safeguarding. There is a link to fostering or adoption, conception and fertility. Or, it can simply indicate reflecting upon your own inner child. Allowing you to retreat back to memories of your own childhood - places, people, puberty - enabling you to reconnect with your childhood dreams. Perhaps you always wanted to be an artist yet ‘life’ got in the way – but now you are finding yourself yearning for that dream to be fulfilled. It is never too late. 6 teaches you how to bring change into your life, and how to best transform yourself in view of that change.

‘Gaia, the ultimate nurturer, the giver of unconditional love. She, in all her many splendours, is the foundation for the numerology meanings of No. 6. As the sixth of all numbers, 6's symbolism is that of home and hearth, loving relationships of every kind and deep compassion bordering on empathy.’

Everything is energy. Everything communicates with us. In that essence of respect for energy of numbers - let’s look at how the number 6 is exhibited and understood throughout our world.


In our calendar the sixth month is June, where sun shines and all the natural world blossoms. It indicates summer days, picnics, seaside visits, country walks and all things blended in harmony. Everything is bathed in golden light and the world bursts with gold; the symbol of achievement, success, good health, and riches.

Look back at June and the celebration of the ‘Summer Solstice’. How were you feeling at the time of the longest day? Midsummer's day being quite a popular date for those lovers who wish to tie the knot. How were your emotions during the month of June? Did you, like me, rise from ashes and create a new stream of living and working with a sense of inner joy?



6 is the number of success; business, abundant sales, and wealth. In Chinese culture, 6 feng shui gold money coins are placed in particular energy spots around home and work places to increase successes in finance therefore allowing the flow of finance into to the purse, till, and bank accounts. It is usual for Chinese businesses to place 6 coins wrapped in red silk ribbons on files of customers, with business partnerships, and beneath doormats which welcome business into their establishments. It is customary in China - as I saw upon my visits to China and Hong Kong - lots of these everywhere dotted around homes and businesses; 6 coins wrapped in red silk ribbon hanging next to doors, under seats, beneath cash registers and in water fountains. They place the coins in the relevant financial/wealthy areas of rooms in which they live or work. The coins have to be either renewed or cleansed each year. They are cleansed by leaving them out in the moonlight for at least four hours, afterwards they are bathed in rock salt to restore the energy.

Have you tried it with your money, your personal wealth or business success? Perhaps you are inspired to try this this year. Good Luck!



The sixth house represents work and health. Service to self, body, mind, spirit, and also in work, business, sole trading and employment. It also shows how we present ourselves in our working life and how we face adversities; coping with those changes to the best of our ability. The sixth astrological house is Virgo and the sixth house is ruled by Mercury. Mercury ruling our communications with others in the business world. Whatever the job role and, wherever you can, perhaps try to best understand if you are in the right job, or how best to promote yourself into higher regard by looking at your own Astrological Birth Chart. 6, therefore, being the very best focus upon your career path and hence, wellbeing in that chosen field.



The six true words - Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum - is the most common mantra in Tibet, recited by Buddhists, painted or carved on rocks, prayer wheels, or yak skulls and seen around Tibet very commonly. According to Tibetan culture, it is said that all the teachings of Buddha are contained in this mantra, and that to know the phrase is to know enlightenment.  In the Buddhist tradition, special words are repeated over and over again until they begin to gather a certain "emptiness". The word emptiness here does not mean one experiences nothing, but rather it is about experiencing ourselves in the moment, without the usual attachment of ego. There is no emptiness, but rather we are filled with an inner awareness, which give us the intuitive knowledge to save ourselves from suffering.



The sixth Major Arcana card is The Lovers, the meaning of which speaks for itself. Relationships, love, laughter, togetherness, compatibility, choices, adventure, strength, purpose, transformations and security. I love The Lovers card in tarot as it symbolises a love of arts, music, creativity, pleasure, travel, fun, warmth and passion. I have great respect for the energy of number 6.

I used to live in No. 6 and that is where I became pregnant, enjoying the first four years of my motherhood before moving home. A home that was filled with love, joy, music, writing and pleasure. I deeply understand the relevance of my house number where I conceived my child and enjoyed every moment of my pregnancy. Bringing new life into every day. Pleasure, travel, joy and play with my son over these years. My bond with my son established through our lives continuously in connection with the number 6, even with my son’s own child, my grandchild, being born on the 6th day too!

In which way do you connect with the number 6? Does it have a special relevance for you?

Have you noticed how many references there are to teaching and sharing from the description above? Have you thought about further education? Are you ready to be the student and achieve a further award or certificate? Does the energy of 6 inspire you?

There are four suits within tarot - Cups, Coins, Wands and Swords, all of which have the six of that particular 6. I wonder if one of these features in your personal tarot reading with me? If you would like to have a tarot card reading with me, I would be happy to look at 6 areas of your life to inspire you. 


Susan Smalley is a life discovery coach and mentor. Her passion from a very young age has been for all things spiritual, from healing and crystals to meditation to one to one coaching, reiki, tuition, and mediumship. 

Susan is passionate about intuitive guidance, whether that be in relationships, work, business, family dynamics, health, heightening life demands, lack of focus or a drop in self-esteem, supporting you in transforming any of your restrictions to raise your self-confidence and align you again with the true purpose of your soul. Feel free to connect with Susan over in The Community or on her Spiritual Sofa on Facebook. You can also visit her website 

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