How To Build A Successful Profitable Business With The Right Online Presence

business guest blogs Jul 13, 2020

By Namita Kabilas

Nowadays, in today’s digital visual age, the majority of our communication modes are being switched to video and of course now that social media is becoming the hub for all of our news and professional networking, it's no surprise that, as a business, utilising digital platforms with personalised direct introductions is the way forward if you really want to get as much engagement and opportunities as possible for your business.

We are all living such busy hectic lifestyles now that attention spans are getting shorter, this makes it essential that we find ways to work around our audience and stand out as bold as possible in our market with greater industry credit. 

Did you know that the first 30 seconds of someone looking at your businesses determines whether you are worthy to look into further or not?

30 seconds!

It's more important than ever before that we master the skill of presenting ourselves in the right, moving, engaging way and know how to communicate effectively to our target audience if we are serious about building our businesses to the next level. Just by mastering these two essential skills, you will see a great transformation in your business and ultimately your life.

So, as a brand coach and marketing agency here are some top hints to consider to help you build a successful profitable businesses simply by utilising the right online presence.



It’s very simple. You must know who your target audience is. Really get to know them inside out, from their daily dilemmas they experience, their tastes, their daily habits as well as specific demographics such as age, lifestyle and background. If you don't know your target audience well, how are you going to create content that truly sells and really understands them?

If you do not know who your target audience is then you are going to create content that simply does not resonate, whereas once you understand your audience you are able to be more specific with your content, you’ll have many more choices as to how to communicate to your audience and project your service or product in the most powerful way.

Most importantly, you have to put yourself at the same level as your target audience so that they can fully identify with you. They will know you are truly listening to them and understanding their problems. This not only enables you to create attractive content but it also tempts your audience to come to you, they will be convinced that you are their ultimate solution, thus increasing their need to have you in their lives or increasing their longing need for your product. So before creating any kind of content, know your audience well.



First impressions are everything, from meeting people in person to browsing online. When it comes to building a good online presence it is essential you create striking first impressions every time. When people first see your business online, remember, the first 30 seconds determine whether they will further look into your business or not.

In today’s digital age the majority of content consumed online is becoming more visual and a lot of us are picking up things more easily in this way. As a result, we are becoming more and more visual as time progresses. This is something that businesses cannot afford to ignore and so adopting the right look makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE and determines whether your business is worth looking into at all.

Here are some simple things to consider when creating the right visual look


Colour Schemes- Colour really sets the tone for your brand, so when creating the right colour schemes for your brand ask yourself these questions “What is the desired mood I am creating for my audience?” and “Does my colour scheme reflect who I really I am?” Think about the impression you are creating, think about the industry you are in too as this also determines the colour schemes you can to use to create content that not only sets your desired tone but also perfectly reflect you as a brand within your industry. For instance, if you are an accounting business then surely you will need to create a colour scheme that is a mixture of formal colours, for example, Black, Blue or White with perhaps another bold colour that will distinguish your brand personality with a twist.

Fonts - Using the right font style for your postings and content helps add excitement to your brand for your audience. Make sure you chose a style that is easily readable, that reflects your character and desired mood but also that help you create a bold impression in your market.

Images – Are you using the right images that match the nature of your business? Are they in close relation to the services or products you are offering? The right images greatly contribute to the messages you are projecting to your audience.

Video – Video is the trend of communication today. It helps you create more personalised direct introductions to your business every time and encourages more audience interaction. From vlogging to professional videos, they all help add that moving, lively and inviting feel to your business introductions. Video is the fastest way to get your messages out there to our audiences and it adds a very attractive twist to any website or social media platform.

Overall, when you do put the added effort and time creating the right look for your business and the content you create you are making your brand apear more exciting and appealing for your audience, drawing sheer curiosity for them to explore more about you and what you have to offer.

The right look delivers those exciting first impressions towards your audience. Visuals are everything!



Lastly, even though you know your audience well and you have created the right presence none of this will matter very much unless you are consistent with your brand presence. This particularly applies to social media.

Being consistent simply means creating content and updates around your business on a regular basis, so that your audience knows that you are an open and active company. If you simply post content once a week or once a month or whenever you feel like it, you are not demonstrating to your audience that you are a serious business. Your audience will be unable to capture a full picture of your brand and will remain largely unaware what you really do.

If you dedicate the added time and effort in making your presence active and consistent on a daily basis (twice a day at least if on social media) then you are greatly raising your chances of being noticed. You will draw in far more engagement and by doing so you will easily create more conversations with your audience, winning trust to your brand as a result. A key way to create more content and news around you is to get talking online. Start a conversation with your audience, your followers and contacts. You will be amazed at how much energy you will generate around you and your brand and who knows where this could lead!

More content helps build a fuller, more convincing picture of your brand plus, of course, you raise your industry credibility, drawing even more to your audience interest as a result which pulls in more connections, opportunities and even more customers and clients.

Just being consistent and regular with our presence truly matters and is considered the greatest secret to winning more connections and potential customers and clients, moving your business ever forward. So if you really want to win at the marketing game, get active and really get yourself out there as a business.



Overall, building the right presence for your business very much comes down to the way you present yourself and communicating effectively to your target market. Whether it’s creating website texts, articles, blog posts or social media content, to really create great content that sells and stands you apart is all to do with having the right strategy in place. Without a strategy, you will have no roadmap or pointers to guide your audience or even yourself.

It is absolutely necessary that you do your research into your business and your target market to be able to create a brand presence and create content that stands you out, raises your creditability, defines who you are and mostly draws you in more engagements, more contacts and more clients.


Namita Kabilas is a Bespoke Videographer & Marketing Agency: Building you the right online presence for a successful profitable business. If you are looking for ways to move your business to the next level with more clients, opportunities and of course making much more money in the process simply by changing the way you communicate and present yourself in your industry then connect with her to reach your goals and achieve long term success! You can reach Namita on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and of course within The Female CEO Community!



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