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How To Attract The Right Partner Into Your Life

ambila nath the retreat zen den Nov 03, 2020

By Ambila Nath 

It doesn’t matter what age we are or whether we have had many bad experiences in love and relationships. The one thing that is guaranteed to cause frustration is wondering why you are constantly attracting the wrong type of partners into your life.

The ones that are not ready for commitment; the ones that just want to have fun; the ones that are stuck in their comfort zones and too scared to let go; the ones that don’t actually know what they want. Does any of that ring any bells?

It’s good to recognise that there is absolutely nothing wrong with these people. They may be decent, honest, kind and the perfect person, but it is about knowing whether they are the one for you!

So, what do you do need to do to help attract the right partner into your life and not waste your time?


No ‘Right Partner’ is going to be attracted to you if you view life as glass half empty all of the time. Take responsibility for your life and keep a positive outlook on things. Don’t become a victim of your last relationship. Learn from it and move on with confidence knowing that the right person will come into your life.


Be intelligent, be confident, be fun-loving and be YOU! Don’t lower who you are, or your standards, to become the person you think someone will want. Just be you and if the person doesn’t like that then they are not the one for you!


You can be strong, independent and successful, and still be feminine. No one wants to date a person who wants to dominate the relationship. Just relax and grow a balanced partnership.


You don't have to wear the most expensive clothes to stand out and attract someone, but it helps to know what looks good on you. When you feel good about yourself on the outside you will feel good about yourself on the inside. So, wear clothes that give you confidence. Be bold and wear colour and be part of the crowd rather than hiding away from it. Clothes are not bought to be stored in the wardrobe. If you have invested in a wonderful wardrobe, then wear the clothes! Get your money's worth from them by looking and feeling good.


This isn’t about becoming a size zero or the next top model! Unless that’s what you want. Keeping in shape has so many positive factors and attracting someone is just one of them. By exercising you are helping your own inner confidence and health. When you feel good about yourself it shows in your energy and that’s what attracts a person towards you. Staying in shape will also make your clothes look and feel better on you. So be in the best possible shape for YOU.


Keeping it natural isn’t about not wearing makeup - it’s about choosing makeup so that it looks like you and embracing your beauty. Go with colours that are near to your natural skin tones, and then dress it up for an evening out or a special occasion. You will find that the kind of person you want to attract will be the one that is paying attention.


Make sure you wear a perfume every day (rotate a different one each day if you have multiple). Wearing a perfume will make you feel good as well as arouse the senses of any potential person you want to be with. It’s a great excuse for them to come closer to you.


The colour red stands for so many things on a conscious and subconscious level. From passion to confidence, it’s a colour that will get you noticed and make you stand out from the rest. If you aren’t daring enough with a whole outfit, then adding red into accessories - or just the lipstick - will be enough to get you noticed.


The importance of attracting the ‘Right Partner’ into your life is about not giving up on your life while you are waiting for them to show up. Be busy and concentrate on building the foundations of your own life - career, business, friends, family, your interests, travel. The right person will find you far more attractive when they sense that you have your own life and like doing your own thing. They will not be looking for someone who is too dependent on them and their time.


Gone are the days when women had to be dependent on someone for their money. Attracting the ‘Right Partner’ is about ensuring that you are doing your own thing and are financially independent. You don’t need to be making millions but enough so that your needs are being met and you are not financially dependent on someone else.


Smiling creates positivity and self-assurance in your energy which makes you more attractive to people. It makes them feel that you are open and approachable. So, keep smiling…


Ambila Nath is a Spiritual lifestyle coach, serial entrepreneur, tarot reader, energy healer and a paid international speaker. She has worked with clients for over 2 decades helping them to build the life that they deserve by finding their life path, gaining self-confidence to just be themselves, starting successful businesses and trusting in love again.

You can find more about Ambila and her work here or look her up on LinkedIn, drop by on Facebook or Instagram or even watch her on Youtube.

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