Five Tips For Calm Mind In Uncertain Times

guest blogs mindset Jul 25, 2020

By Helen Knight

Is overwhelm holding you back?

When life is so hectic it can be a real challenge, however, I have some of my favourite tips for you today:

When you put all your focus on one thing, don’t expect everything else to be running smoothly.

I know we can't do everything and that doesn’t have to be your goal. Prioritising is important. YOU should be on that list! Your business/career won’t carry on without you. You need to have a system or a plan.


Disturbance is created from within us, your mind is powerful and can take you down a negative path if you’re not aware.

The conscious and subconscious mind have separate roles but they both need direction and training.

You can decide how you respond to your environment, if you feel like you can’t then you’re just in a bad habit.

I had anxiety and stress for years and it's amazing how more in control you feel when you realise that your thinking habits are just as important as your physical ones. This can often be linked to anything your subconscious remembers from your past. Some people get frustrated, some people reach out for comfort food, some people get addicted to shopping, some people develop unhealthy cravings, some people just fall apart. You can learn how to deal with your emotions and move up the consciousness scale feeling joy and bliss every day.

If you’ve tried all the usual stuff

Such as meditation, affirmations, books, podcasts, which I’m sure have helped in some way, but have they solved the deeper issues? When you understand your mind, you can be in full control.

Eating healthily has a massive impact on how you feel

You wouldn’t feed a racehorse the junk food many people crave. And you wouldn’t make it smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol. So why do it to yourself?

How you are treating yourself matters and shows up in the results you have in your life. I hope this helps you today and I would love to hear how you're getting on!


Helen Knight is The mind and body transformation coach. She lives in chesterfield in the UK and has been working online as a coach with her business Healthy Happy Ninja for the past two years and achieving incredible results for her clients.

Helen is also a qualified hypnotherapist, NLP, EFT practitioner and college tutor and a passionate black belt kickboxing instructor since stepping into her local gym and out of her comfort zone some 14 years ago. Healthy Happy Ninjas make the decision to swap their lifestyles and start to look after themselves staying fit and strong in body and mind. Helen is currently working on helping her clients to further their own businesses and get their first 10 clients through the door. You can find out more about her and her work and also read the blog over on the website



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