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Finding Your Voice, Touching The Soul

the retreat the sanctuary space Sep 20, 2020

By Susan Smalley

Increasingly over these past seven months I have found that I am missing people dreadfully, and the opportunity to speak.

Stripped of contact for months and then hurled back into the demands of work, desperately racing home to grasp some down time - and peace - whilst the world wept, and at the same time trying desperately to answer the demands of a growing family. I have seen how reserved and pulled back away from each other people had become, nervous of getting too close to each other. Yet all the while, the airwaves were open and offered everyone the option to connect, socially, online. 

Being online is fantastic. I have worked online with clients and met with friends in private sessions and group sessions alike. I love the way you can be sat with a cuppa in a relaxed state and convey all your news to each other. It is a wonderful way to connect. But I prefer the one-to-one contact. The tone and facial expression of a friend or loved one who is sat there right in front of you. When we are in the presence of others so much is said without speaking and our senses pick up on this so strongly.

The internet seemingly ‘numbs’ us. I have seen many of my own friends and group members move away from social media into silent retreat to find themselves. Self-talk with the higher self and inner spirit, is your true soul voice. Not true entirely of a lot of people, of course, who live via video transmissions, podcasts and zoom seminars. Some quiet souls who would not dare to speak have suddenly found themselves in a position of isolation behind the computer screen to voice and vent, and rant and rave their thoughts and views with a blind confidence and little fear of being slated for doing so.

I have loved the silence. My soulful retreat has gifted me much. How have you coped with the restrictions?

I have attended and held workshops and courses online this year more than at any other time of my business life and it has been great. But it’s the little touches such as the gifts, places set, the chairs pulled back, the footsteps approaching, the ambience of the room, twinkling lights, fresh cut flowers, hot steaming tea, cups filled, cake sliced and the banter between friends who visit you at home, that I have missed the most.

It’s the pathway being swept and the windows cleaned, the laundry done and all cushions sat straight, the pictures gleaming and music piped softly. The build-up, the anticipation, the setting the scene, the awaiting the arrival, the hug at the door, the wave upon departure. The feeling of the home falling silent when all company has left. Those are the things we miss by communicating online.

Could you cope with life if your every tomorrow comprised of only online calls? A virtual reality without human touch.

The pages of books turn and all words fly out, the Kindle scrolls as it sits in your hand, the monitor whirs as you first boot it up, but could you survive without hearing the voice of the soul as the face expresses their inner thoughts and emotions? Body language is a communication we are robbed of over the computer screen. You can sense the vibes much harder when engaging in deep meaningful talk.

How can romance be expressed without human one-to-one communication? Our voices are important, and they need to be playful, bright and uplifting with the character of your soul expressed fully. I must admit, I prefer a book to hold than an audio book. I do not like Kindles and I prefer human social contact. I love to feel the tone of a voice as it falls upon my ear. I love the lilt and the rhythm of the voice when raised or whispered. I like the colour of the accent as it penetrates my mind.

All of which you can detect, only slightly, over the internet. Being in person is so much better, don’t you think?

However, times move on and we must too, as the time we do engage in doing things practically whilst at home or workplace, demand that we do so alone. At these times, you may switch on Alexa and speak in humour with her? You may subscribe to a podcast station and enjoy the many informative shows. I have to say, I am not very tech-savvy but I have peeped into the world of the podcaster over recent months, and I love it. So much so, that I have brought that element of communication to my listeners by launching my very own podcast - Soul Rising. Information and tips, knowledge and insights, wisdom and recommendations all splayed across a landscape of spiritual lessons, soulful healings, blissful meditations and exciting interviews with successful, talented, extraordinarily resilient, and beautifully inspired creative writers.

What about you? Do you tune in to podcasts? Do you have your favourites listed? Are you drawn towards specific genres? Countries? Celebrities?

What are you missing in your communications with other people? Are you deprived of human touch - a hug, a handshake, your arm slotted through an elbow? 99 per cent of all communication is non- verbal. What do you miss out on if you are not in the company of other people? Is a social life important to you? When you do socialise, are you shy and reserved? Do you jump at any opportunity to be in the spotlight? Have you got thoughts, dreams, plans and inspirations to share with others? Would you call yourself an influencer?

I would love to invite you into my company and chat a while on my podcast show, where I can meet you and share with you my gifts. Are you happy to banter across the airwaves to reach as many listening ears as possible? Have you something to say? Do you need to be heard?

Then let’s connect at [email protected]

Having launched my own podcast show and I would love to interview you and discover your spiritual essence, soulful inspiration and the seven steps you took to reach confidence in expressing your own suppressed voice!


Susan Smalley is a life discovery coach and mentor. Her passion from a very young age has been for all things spiritual, from healing and crystals to meditation to one to one coaching, reiki, tuition, and mediumship. 

Susan is passionate about intuitive guidance, whether that be in relationships, work, business, family dynamics, health, heightening life demands, lack of focus or a drop in self-esteem, supporting you in transforming any of your restrictions to raise your self-confidence and align you again with the true purpose of your soul. Feel free to connect with Susan over in The Community or on her Spiritual Sofa on Facebook. You can also visit her website 

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