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Creating an Impactful Visual Brand With Your Style

Mar 30, 2023
Creating an Impactful Visual Brand With Your Style

Did you know that research shows it takes approximately 7 seconds for others to develop an impression of you? Creating your personal brand & having a wardrobe that reflects you and your business will ensure that first impression counts.

How you look and feel = how you show up, affecting your success.

Your outfit is a means of self-expression and says something about you to those around you. Developing a personal brand that sets you apart instantly builds trust with clients and colleagues. In this article, we will talk about using your clothes and Style to build your brand and as a tool to stand out and be noticed and to reinforce yourself as a woman in business.


Do the clothes you own reflect your personal ‘brand’?

We already know that appearance has a significant impact on the way we initially perceive people. Think of someone who has recently made an impression on you. What did you visually notice about this person?

You will have formed an opinion of this person; what factors did you consider to arrive at this conclusion?

Having your Style (branding) is crucial to how you and others perceive you Regardless of your age, position or responsibilities; understanding the power of effective branding and having the correct image will boost your self-confidence, and you will be proud of who walk into the workplace, networking event or coffee shop to meet friends.

We know that if we look good, we feel good, and understanding your style will make reaching your professional and personal goals easier.

 Professional dress is a critical component of your brand. It is more than your public skin; it is your language. How you package yourself sends a message about you, your skills, and your organisation.

Maintaining a competitive edge requires you to sustain a consistent visual impression to your customers. After all, people buy people. You will want to be seen as the ambassador of your brand, and the way that you are perceived determines how customers perceive them.


Don’t forget the accessories. 

Accessories will complement and complete your outfit. Think necklaces, bracelets, earrings, scarves, hats, belts and shoes.

With the right Personal Branding, you will be noticed for all the right reasons; depending on your business type, this could be friendly, approachable, fun or professional.

Being a Personal Stylist, I know just how many of you struggle to find clothes that suit and fit your body shape, but I firmly believe that when you look good, you feel great, and the best asset we all have is a smile on our faces. When we smile, our confidence increases and people are drawn to us and want to listen to what we say. In the corporate world, this is very important.

I also believe we should dress according to our personality and lifestyle, and I always encourage my clients to do so. Whether they work in the corporate world, run their own business or have the vital job of a busy mum. It all matters.

 Once you understand your personal brand and gain surety in your Style, you will have the confidence to grow in your business. I want to empower, inspire and educate women to reach their full potential, embrace the uniqueness of who they are, present their best selves, show up, and be the best they can be.

So, take time, and think, does your image represent your brand?


Lisa is an award-winning personal stylist who has been in the industry for 14 years. She believes that your wardrobe and clothes should reflect your personality, lifestyle, and body shape and that there must be flexibility to create a wardrobe that works for you.

Lisa is also a wife, a mum of three, and a dog and horse owner. With a busy life, she fully understands that your style should be effortless, reflect what you do, and should certainly not be hard work. Find out more here.



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