Exploring a new world of innovation, technology and process building for busy entrepreneurs everywhere.

Things you notice about Claire Whittaker immediately when you meet her; she works hands-on, she doesn't sacrifice fun for work, and she has ah-mazing hair.

In fact, sitting down for a chat and a coffee with Claire is surprisingly refreshing. A systems analyst with a sharp eye for structure, she is also super friendly, consistently calm, and in amongst the chaos of the day-to-day of one-woman entrepreneurship; she is a beacon of the promise of structure. 

Her business, Artificially Intelligent Consulting (AIC), results from years of watching entrepreneurs turning their side hustle businesses into full-time realities and quickly realising that the promise of the glamorous 'laptop lifestyle' isn't quite as straightforward nor as stress-free as it was sold to be. 

For many years, Claire watched from the side-lines. Working for the worlds fastest growing online retailer, Amazon, she was learning quickly about scaling a business and reaching out into new markets. She knew that to successfully move in the direction of massive growth, they would need to maximise opportunity using intelligent systems and SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) that accelerated growth without wasting valuable time. This was the learning curve that shaped her business today and ultimately led her to create her AIC and her signature DRIVE system, which has allowed countless entrepreneurs to achieve their goals faster and with less internal chaos.   


The first step to innovation 

Claire grew up in a small farming village with no entrepreneurial thoughts; it wasn't until she completed her Master's Degree and began working for a global company that required her to travel that she began to broaden her horizons and look at the world of business from a new perspective. At this time, she was introduced to business frameworks and project tools such as 'Lean 6-sigma', which allow companies to scale in a measured way to increase overall profitability and ultimately grow. As a naturally process-oriented and organised person, this appealed to Claire, and she found that she could lean into innovation. 

Claire lovingly describes herself as a 'little robot human' with a love of doing things in an organised and time-efficient way. This personality trait led her to seek new opportunities and begin working within various positions at Amazon. Exploring new avenues in marketing, account management and getting involved with the supply chain, she was fascinated by watching the systemised growth of the worlds most recognisable online marketplace. Within five years, Claire ended up running Amazons global customer experience programmes and working with the Artificial Intelligence team to scale out programmes across Europe, Japan, India and Australia. 

It was during this time that Claire discovered entrepreneurship; being around innovative people daily allowed her to explore her own creativity and the possibility of turning her increasingly vast knowledge and experience into a business of her own. Claire knew that her background was anything but ordinary. The skills she learned over the years we're unique and matched with her love of systems, meant she had a ready-made niche to step into, so she began coaching, and it wasn't long before her clients were saving 200+ hours in time and doubling their profitability. 


A woman with DRIVE 

Today, Claire Whittaker AIC works globally utilising her signature DRIVE (Define, Reward, Identify, Verify, Evaluate) framework to combine the very best of her experience into a format designed to simplify the process of creating sustainable systems to empower business owners. Facilitating VIP days and the DRIVE business academy, her mission is to teach the 'smarter not harder' principle of working to as many entrepreneurs as possible and allow her clients to focus on their zone of genius rather than becoming overwhelmed and ultimately under-productive. 

Claire is the kind of woman you want firmly in your corner when you're ready to scale without chaos and build without burnout. Her winning personality and 'mini robot human' process knowledge may seem at odds with each other but, in fact, make her the ultimate secret weapon for any business endeavour. 

The success of AIC is by design, not default, but then again, when you talk to Claire Whittaker, that is of no great surprise. A thoroughly deserving and inspiring leader in her field, I couldn't think of a better or more deserving seat at our table. Because of women like Claire, your valuable time gets to be traded for family and fun instead of funds and frustration, a fact often overlooked in the pursuit of the needless busyness badge of honour we place upon ourselves. 

There is another way, and the future is AIC. 


If you would like to know more about Claire or Artificially Intelligent Consulting you can visit the website here.