What her candidacy means for Black Women Advocacy and Policy. Bringing the sturdy promise of Protection, Progression and Prosperity in a time of fear and uncertainty.

Anistia Thomas means business for her district.

I interview lots of people in my job but rarely have I encountered a woman so passionately community-driven. With a unique skill set and a mind as sharp as a razor entrepreneur, Anistia Thomas is stepping forward from more than two decades of community volunteering and into the spotlight as the next promising Michigan State Representative - District 7.



Certainly no stranger to hard work, Anistia has taken on her newest role with her eyes wide open, a lifetime of experience, and a will made from solid iron. She steps forward knowing without a shadow of a doubt that her community is out of time waiting for a representative to work hard and deliver for its people, this is not new to her she has lived it her entire life. The many and varied issues facing District 7 are real, and they are happening right now. Fully prepared to enact real, lasting change for the people of her community she's bringing all of her many and varied talents and resources to the table.

In the two short years I have personally known Anistia, I have watched her grow from a successful entrepreneur (how we met originally) in both for-profit and non-profit organisations to a mother and value-driven community leader. I am in awe at her seemingly endless ability to pivot and adapt to the ever-changing demands of our times and the unprecedented levels of support and dedication that vocation requires from her.



Anistia would state that aside from the birth of her son, Grand, her greatest accomplishment lies in the role she played in helping thousands of entrepreneurs of colour gain access to capital to build and grow their businesses. I would have to agree, having watched her work tirelessly at local, state and national level with private, public and government entities Anistia is working wholly in her zone of genius when she's helping others to have better lives.

This isn't just talk either, her ever-growing list of accomplishments include saving over 2500 homeowners from losing their homes from property tax foreclosure, helping to bring over $1 Billion+ in loans and grant programs for Detroit & Highland Park's small business owners and bringing $205,000,000 in federal funding for the next ten years for District 7. As I said, she means business.

As in awe as I am at her generous spirit and iron will I am not in the least part surprised at her massive popularity. Anistia is the kind of woman that you meet and never forget. A results-driven visionary with a heart of gold and welcoming energy that makes you feel at home immediately in her presence. It's safe to say that I adored her instantly.



With Black Lives Matter issues prominent across America and the world at large Anistia's candidacy stands as a beacon of strength, solidarity and hope for Black Women in Power. Never has there been a better time to stand firm in the face of adversity and root herself into the promise of protection, progression and prosperity for the community she has served so diligently for most of her life.

Will it be easy? Absolutely not, but when you have the knowledge, mindset and determination of a candidate like Anistia I genuinely believe that anything is possible. Will she affect positive change to the future of District 7? I think she will. Will she change the world? You know, I think she just might.


If you would like to know more about Anistia and her Thomas For Tomorrow Campaign you can read all about it here . You can also keep up with her campaign over on the Facebook page.