By Melissa Jones

We are told to keep our bodies healthy, keep fit and eat well but what about fitness for the mind? I’m a massive advocate for fitness for the mind. I fully believe you can’t have a fit body without a fit mind!

Our minds are so incredibly powerful and actually will seek out negativity more than positivity. As humans, we often focus on the bad more than the good. How often do we look in the mirror and pick at our faults rather than our strengths? Nature has designed us that way, our brains are trained to instinctively look for negativity for survival reasons but we rarely need that instinct any more so it’s even more important to train your brain as well as your body. Some people are naturally more positive and some are naturally more negative (like me) which means we have to work just a little harder on our mindset.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a stress head and I always think the worst of any situation, so mindset practice is something I really have to work at daily. I speak from experience and so here I’m going to give you four of my favourite tried and tested tips that have helped me shift my mindset from always thinking the worst, to looking out for the best.

Number 1 - Meditation.

Our minds are so overactive all day long, by engaging in meditation you take time to be present in the moment and sit with your thoughts. It can be a little uncomfortable at first. I often find myself having to stop because I have remembered I need to do something, your mind will wander and think about 1000's of things and that’s totally ok. The more you practice the easier it gets. When we meditate our decision making and focus is enhanced and stress is lessened. There are lots of guided meditation videos on youtube to try for free so I recommend you start there.

Number 2 - Mindfulness

Like meditation, mindfulness is the art of being present in the moment. Next time you are having a cup of tea or coffee, fully immerse yourself in that moment. Feel the heat of the cup, how does it taste and smell? It’s so important to enjoy the little everyday moments, try to really enjoy the here and now and be fully engaged with what you are doing just in that moment.

Number 3 - Personal development.

This has been huge for me! I spend about 2-3 hours a day working on my personal development. Sounds excessive? It's super easy to fit in. Being able to listen to audiobooks has been a gamechanger, you can listen while out walking, driving or just pottering around the house. Some of my favourite audiobooks are: You are a badass by Jen sincero. Girl stop apologising by Rachael Hollis and take control of your life by Mel Robbins. I also love podcasts too! Plus they’re free!


This used to be something I would laugh at, seriously, telling myself “ I am beautiful, I am worthy, I am enough” made me roll my eyes so hard. I thought it was the cheesiest thing ever. But, I've found that if i'm really specific and relate my affirmations to areas where my limiting beliefs are taking over, I find it really works help me shift my mindset. Here are a few examples of some that I use regularly;

“ I am a calm, loving and an exceptional mum”

“ My body can do amazing things”

“ I am worthy of success”

“ My day will be filled with joy”

“ I choose to see the good”

Take time to think of the areas where you have limiting beliefs, what are the negatives you tell yourself daily? Make yourself aware of those and then every morning and every night try writing down your positive affirmation for those limiting beliefs.

I truly believe that working on your mindset every single day. Just like exercise, it needs to be done daily for the best results and will change your life! I don’t say this lightly. My experience with working on my mindset had changed the way I deal with stressful situations and the way I feel about myself. I’m a better mum and better human in general. I feel kinder, calmer and so much happier. It's not something huge you need to do either, it's literally just small changes every day. I promise, Incorporating these strategies into your day will make a huge overall difference.

I’d love to hear how you get on with these mindset techniques, find me here on Facebook or Instagram or in The Community and drop me a message!

With much love and motivation,

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Hi I’m Melissa and I am a Mama, passionate fitness advocate and coach. My Passion is helping women to believe in themselves and achieve personal goals through fitness and mindset. If you’d like to connect or have any questions, please reach out – I’m here to help.

Why did I become an at home coach? I have always had a passion for fitness and loved going to the gym. After I had my daughter, I was unable to get into the physical gym (clingy baby, breastfeeding mama) so I had to find another way to continue my fitness journey this journey has allowed me to fulfil my dreams and I want to help you to do the same thing.

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