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Here at The Female CEO we like to bring you relevant topics every month to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. Here you will find lots of resources to either get you started or see you on your way. Don’t see what you want? Drop me a line, we have lots of topics lined up for you and we may just have what you need on the horizon.


understanding your personal value

Do you ever feel like you're settling for less than you deserve? Perhaps you keep getting the raw end of the deal and cant seem to figure out why? Many of us don't realise that by our own actions and beliefs we are setting ourselves up for a life of less but that doesn't have to be the way. Often the biggest road block to everything we ever wanted isn't time, money or energy, it’s understanding our own unique power. Master that and your life can transform overnight.

an attitude of gratitude

We're talking all things Gratitude related. This seemingly small daily practise has the power to create powerful shifts and life changing happiness. are you ready to adopt your attitude of gratitude? Read on to learn more...



kickstarter confidence

Looking to up your confidence game? We've got videos, articles, challenges and interviews for you all about raising our confidence game to whole new levels. Be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone because by the end of this we're going to be all selfie and no filter...