By Namita Kabilas

VIDEO, it is everywhere you go!

 Did you know that video is now the main communications platform and medium in which we source our content from? Not one day goes by that don’t consume any type of video content. The whole world is going visual, even the majority of content we see on social media is becoming video based.  So why is this?

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 It’s all to do with time, audiences today don’t have time with the busy lifestyles we are all experiencing. Audiences want their news delivered in the shortest, quickest, sharpest way possible, plus they love personalised first impressions. There is no quicker, personalised, direct and moving way to communicate to our audiences today other than by video.

 With YOUTUBE listed as the second biggest search engine in the world, we are all now getting our questions answered and problems solved visually, right at the tip of our fingers.

 This means that we are all thinking, learning and even doing business VISUALLY with the power of video communication. This is a trend that us entrepreneurs cannot afford to ignore and must make great use of if we are serious about reaching out to our audiences and winning trust and interest from them to win more opportunities, clients, customers and partnerships.

Do I have time for video? Is it worth investing my time and money in?

My simple answer is yes! Video is going to be a great investment and will ultimately transform your business and your life! If you don’t make the time to grow with video you will typically experience the following with your business:

  • If you don’t have time to make an effort to be seen, audiences won’t have time to explore your business.

  • You will have a less personal feel to your business. Audiences see only a fraction of what your business is really about.

  • You create distance from your audiences. Audiences love to be connected on a personalised level.  They want to see you as well as hear from you so that they can draw a real connection with you.

  • You will lose out on engagement, clients, opportunities and money when you reveal a less full picture of who you are.

 Video a highly powerful tool and completely changes the way you approach potential customers.  There is no better, faster and easy way to convey your messages to your audience today than video.

 A strong video presence is essential as it helps you create:

  • A striking first impression to your audience

  • An exciting feel to your business with a clear and attractive message

  • A deliverable message to your audience within seconds

  • Desire for your products or services

  • A brand that stands out

  • Clearer messages with more engagements and discussions

  • A human feel to your brand, allowing you to easily win more audience trust, meaning more customers in!

Every brand has a story

Every business has a unique brand concept, a story. If you are having trouble conveying the story of your brand to your audience then VIDEO CAMPAIGNS are a perfect way to bring out your unique craft in the most moving, lively and engaging way possible. Audiences will really feel for your brand and you reveal a fuller convincing picture of your businesses to your audience and it raises their likeliness to buy from you. 


To increase your chances of audiences buying from you with video here are some key tips to help you create striking video campaigns that sell and hook audiences, attracting you more queries, more subscribers, more engagements, more dream opportunities,  clients and ultimately more sales!

1. Look at your purpose, the problems you are solving and your speciality skills you offer. Base content on the key topics you specialise in or what you offer.

Every business at least needs an introductory video outlining more about you, who you are and your inspiration behind your brand, what you do, your aim and the unique value you offer to audiences.  

2 Have the right look and feel.

The more professional your videos are, the more seriously your audiences will take you as an active running business.  First impressions are everything and having the right look is what will make your brand more memorable. Think about Colours, settings, music and even titles.

3. Plan in advance.

In order to create a consistent video presence that sells your business in the right way, plan your content in advance. Think ahead and plan 2 - 4 weeks’  worth of video content and place all on a schedule.

Think about: Topics, the key messages you want to deliver to your audience and importantly, the call to action  you want your audiences to take after they seen your clip. Dedicate 1-2 days day planning and filming your content, that way you will save on time.

4. Use the resources you have available

Think about the setting; Film in real locations wherever possible. Use your own home, office, garden or even borrow a space for the day to film all content. Create a studio from the settings you have available to you. Use your phone or tablet;  The most convenient cheapest way to start your own video presence is to start using your phone and practice filming yourself and your business updates. Your phone is the perfect opportunity to get started building your own video presence. So get out your phone and start filming short clips on your social media to get you started. 

5. Inspire, move and motivate your audience

Remember when creating the right presence it’s not about direct selling, it’s all about adding value to your audience and how you can be of great benefit to them. Leave your audience with an uplifting hopeful vibe will ensure they see you as the best solution for them.

6. Open yourself up to discussions and call to actions

Create conversations around your content and as part of your content! Get audiences involved in conversation, reach out to them. Competitions, discussions, events, guest interview opportunities and key appearances are all important here. Encourage your audience to have their say, maybe start off some voting polls (this will also be good market research for you when it comes to improving on your services)

7. Online courses

Make money with video courses. They are an excellent branch to your services, giving you a much wider audience reach. The key to building successful video courses is to base each topic on a subject that you specialise in. What are the key topics you cover in your services? Create modules on your specialist areas and the you can form a bespoke course around that. Promote it, get social and create engagement around your new course. A promotional introductory clip is a perfect conversation starter to get awareness going and pull audiences in to sign up.

8. Time – keep is short and sweet to the point 

Time is everything in business, especially when it comes to marketing.  Therefore, it’s a good idea to  keep your videos short and straight to the point, outlining the key pointers you are covering. Any video longer than 5 minutes you are going to put them off. They will feel like they don’t have time to watch your whole video. Audience attention is the next big currency of your business and so make sure you address them in the most quick, simple way possible with impact.  Unless you are creating a series show or an online course, 60 seconds- 3 minutes is an average duration for any video content, particularly if it is a promotional video.

9. Know your AUDIENCE

Knowing your audience is key. The more you know about your audience the more specific and valuable your video content will be to them and when video content is of great value, that’s where you develop more trust, stronger engagements and identification with your business. 

Research your audiences, think about;

  •      Their background

  •       Their demographics: Age, location, etc

  •       Their Lifestyle

  •       Their tastes and preferences

  •       Identifying their needs, wants and goals

  •       Their values

 Remember, effective research leads you to creating more ideas for your future content, making it more consistent.

10. Be consistent.

You may have good content coming in but the secret to really win the positive engagement and great audience interest and potential customers coming in is to be consistent with your content. Consistency is all part of running an active business. Audiences want more so that they can express more interest to you, convincing them further to buy into you or follow you up for opportunities.

A vital way to keep consistency with your video content is:

  • Perform regular research and really examine your business: Know who you are, you overall aim, the value you offer and specialist topics.

  • Research in advance and plan out a month’s worth of content every 4 weeks to save time so that each month you have a new set of topics to base new videos on

  • Post daily social media videos, whether they are live or pre-recorded

  • Create weekly series shows

  • Create monthly video campaigns on your latest product/service releases

And finally,

Overall, when it comes to Creating the right online presence with video:

  • Think about your purpose and speciality

  • Have the right look and feel

  • Plan in advance

  • Use your available resources

  • Seek to inspire, move and motivate your audience - Don’t sell. 

  • Open yourself up to discussions and call to actions

  • Invest in crating online videos

  • Keep it short and sweet

  • Be consistent

To your continued success,

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