By Kristin Bornstein

The first step towards creating a day of ease is to start with your own self-care. Caring for ourselves puts us at the forefront of our lives. As we develop a self-care practice, we will find that our self-care seeps into all areas of our life.

The positive effects of self-care include:

 ●      We begin to make more conscientious decisions about what is right for our lives.

●      We develop a stronger sense of self

●      Create healthier relationships

●       Improved decision making abilities

●       Increase in productivity

●       Increase in ability to better care for others

●       Reduced stress levels

●      Increase in compassion and empathy

When we talk about creating a self-care practice, it can sometimes seem too time consuming and can feel like we don’t have enough time in our day. When we do take time, we may find that the effects are temporary and are then left struggling the rest of the day.

The good news is that there are a number of things you can do to easily get started on your own self-care AND make the effects last all day, even in the midst of stress!

The trick to a lasting self-care practice is to practice throughout the day. This isn’t as time consuming or as difficult as you may think. You can use the items in the list below in almost any situation in your day.  You don’t need to take extra time out of your day for self-care. It can happen any place, any time!

If you are new to self-care and you’re not sure what will work, start with just one option off the list, or decide on your own self-care tool to try. Stick with it for a few days so you can get a better idea if it is working for you. If you’re not finding it useful, give a different tool a try. There are no right or wrong tools to use as long as it makes you feel good and it’s healthy. Have fun with this, play around with different tools or ideas that you may have and see what works.

Here’s a list that will get you started to help you practice your own self-care throughout the day.  Some of these things can take a minute or less to do, and will readily make you feel great!


Uses: Stuck in traffic, a meeting, on the phone,

When to use: Feeling stress, overwhelm

2.Tea time:

Uses: At your desk, home, or take it with you. Try chamomile, lavender, or white tea to help you relax.

When to use: Anytime you want a little break. Great to relax, reduce stress or overwhelm

3.Listening to something inspirational:

Uses: In the car, working out, cleaning, before a meeting.

When to use: In a bad mood, having a hard day, feeling down

 4.Taking 15:

To do: Go for a walk, sit and do any of the things on this list.

When to use: When having a stressful day, after a stressful situation, having a busy day, when you need to decompress.

 5. Focusing on positive, supportive thoughts:

Uses: You can practice these thoughts anywhere at any time

When to use: When things aren’t going right in your day, you’re feeling upset at yourself or a situation.

6. Setting the mood:

Uses: Music, scents, lighting.

When to use: Use this at the beginning of the day to feel more upbeat and positive and then again at the end of the day to decompress and relax. Use this anytime you need to reset your mood towards feeling more positive, relaxed. 

 7. Taking time to connect with someone you care about:

Uses: Text, email, phone, social media. This can take even a few minutes to enjoy connecting with someone. We connect with people all the time during the day, why not take the time to talk to the people we actually want to connect with??

When to use: When you need support, get an opinion, need feedback from someone that cares and has your back.

8. Plan something enjoyable you’re going to do on your next day off: 

Uses: Thinking about ideas, writing them down, messaging someone about this plan. This can take a matter of minutes. “Hey, want to go hiking this weekend?”

When to use: Getting through the stress of the day and have something to look forward to.

9. Use an app like calm, headspace, I Am Affirmations:

Uses: Use this at your desk, couch, bed.

When to Use: When you’re stressed or overwhelmed.

10. Open the pictures on your phone and look at the memories you share with those you love:     

Also: Fill your house or workspace (if appropriate) with pictures as a constant reminder   

When to use: This will help you feel happy, supported, loved. Do this when you are in a stressful situation to remember what really matters!

By using these tools throughout your day, you will have a more positive outlook, more positive relationships and live a healthier lifestyle. Changing our lives for the better begins with taking care of ourselves and prioritising our needs.

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With Love,  

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Hi CEO’s I’m Kristin Bornstein, licensed therapist and life coach. I have my masters in family and marriage therapy and mental health therapy.  I currently own a private practice and have done so for over ten years and have been practicing for fifteen years. In addition to being a therapist, I am also a life coach.

I specialise in helping women focus on living the healthiest versions of themselves, going for their dreams and creating real purpose in their lives. In my free time, I focus on spending time with my family. I love doing anything adventurous, including going on my dream trip to the Everest Base Camp. When not out adventuring, I love local bookstores, anything having to do with Egyptology, and creating stone sculptures.

If you want to know more you can catch me on my Website or on Facebook.

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