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In the Spotlight is the place where community members from across the world drop in for a chat and a coffee to share their business, experiences (good and bad) and top tips with you. Each and every amazing entrepreneur has as some time been inspired by another overcoming the odds. Here we have a whole host of them for you to learn from and I always pop in their details so if you want to drop them a line, you can! They're nice like that.

So grab a cuppa, a G&T or a green juice and take five minutes to yourself. Go ahead, we'll wait... 

Nichola spotlight.jpg


Nichola is more than a stylist she's a one woman creative genius and confidence coach with a razor sharp eye for fashion. Featured in various magazines for her knowledge and dedication she can often be found  hosting confidence boosting workshops and sharing her vast knowledge from the stage at BIG events and seminars all over the UK. Nichola has recently been working on a product line and pretty soon you'll be able to buy her signature style items in shops nationwide. Its been one exciting and often exhausting ride for the female solopreneur and not one that came easily. Fighting against the odds Nichola is not only a woman you really need to know she's also a true inspiration. I am so proud to call her my friend and here, just for you,  she shares her seven favourite questions and answers.

Andy spotlight.jpg


Andrew is Dementia Action Alliance Project Manager and Dementia Friends Champion. Working within the voluntary sector for many years Andrew has the knowledge and insight to be a real people person. He works with businesses across the country promoting dementia awareness and recruiting corporations to become dementia friendly. He is crazy passionate about the projects he becomes involved with and this certainly shows when he gets to talking about it. In fact, he can be seen on TV and in the press regularly discussing the social stigma surrounding people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s and how awareness can be raised within our communities. When he’s not working, he can be found at home with wife Anita, his two boys and his gorgeous pup Lilly or out and about keeping fit and healthy with his favourite sport, running. I have learned so much from Andrew working myself within the voluntary sector, he’s true visionary and inspiration. Here he is to tell you all about himself in his own words. 

Susan Smalley.jpg

susan smalley - life discovery coach 

When you meet Susan you instantly connect with her amazing energy. It’s abundantly obvious this lady is magical. Life Discovery Coach, natural Spiritual Medium, Reiki Master and Crystal Therapist, Susan’s gorgeous warm and friendly sincerity immediately make you feel like you’re working alongside an old familiar friend. It’s impossible not to be excited by her refreshingly honest and open way of working not only one to one but one to many. Offering one day, weekend and group tuition in psychic and spiritual mediumship and tuition in Tarot.  Susan clearly loves what she’s does and it shines through in her as she speaks about her work. Endlessly talented Susan also is a popular and regular speaker at events and classes across the country, bringing her work to large audiences as well as mentoring with overseas students via skype and of course in person. However and whenever you work with her, you’ll be delighted and amazed at her abilities to transform, uplift and guide to your soul’s very purpose.  Intuitively steering you forward in your life.  Just gorgeous! 

Natasha Lee Maxwell.jpg


Mother, CEO, influencer, visionary & leader just a few of the words that could be used to describe the powerhouse female that is Natasha Lee Maxwell. Passionate about empowering women across the world through her work as vice president of Saving Her Elegance, That girl and her design and creative flair over at MYDCT this girl is always on it. Public speaker and motivational expert Natasha gives her projects her absolute all and it’s easy to see why she had such a massive influence on her legions of followers as well of course her own family. This is one Q&A you do NOT want to miss. Here she is in her own words…

Peter spotlight.jpg

peter abrams - author, motivator, comedian and best selling author, our story called life  

Best selling author, speaker, motivator, actor and comedian there really isn't much that Peter can't turn his hand to given half a chance. Not only that but he is a multi business owner, all before he turns 20. His infectious enthusiasm and incredible energy fill any room before you are ever introduced, talk about a powerhouse! Mentored for the last three years by Russell Brand there's not much Peter hasn't learned along the way and he's here with us not only to answer questions about his journey but awesomely as a regular guest editor, lending a male perspective to the community. I know you're going to adore him! 

Alessandra spotlight.jpg

alessandra maderni - shipsomnia & mad fresh entertainment

Global entrepreneur, visionary and co-founder of the first ever music festival and cruise to run successfully from Asia and Europe, Alessandra Maderni is the CEO with the BIG vision you want to know and she’s here to tell you how she is ‘Living the journey’ and inspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world with her brand, Shipsomnia. Passionate about business, travel and entertainment Alessandra has been able to forge a global brand and a lifestyle doing exactly what she loves and is helping to encourage other entrepreneurs to do the very same thing. If it’s tenacity and perseverance you’re looking for then you’re absolutely in the right place.

It is my absolute honour and a privilege to introduce you to this remarkable lady. Over to you Alessandra…

Claire spotlight.jpg


Talk about a Mompreneur, Claire is one of the only women I know who works as much as I do, often juggling several businesses at once while working through the night setting up another. All of this on top of being mum to her beautiful little girl Lilley Grace and a f*****g fabulous hair stylist. Entrepreneurial through and through Claire has successfully set up and run several companies, working through the highs and lows, managing her teams and holding it all together with a big gorgeous smile on her face. A force of nature with the business mind of a female Richard Branson, here she is in her own words to share her journey with us. Welcome aboard!

Natalee spotlight.jpg

natalee tucker - the confidence collective

Multi award-winning business owner, confidence coach, motivational speaker and mum to the gorgeous Ivy, Natalee is the very epitome of awesome working mum rocking her business. She is living proof that you can do it all and have it all and be thoroughly gorgeous and hilarious all the while. Natalee's magnetic energy fills every room she enters, and I’ve been lucky enough to have personally watched her transform the lives of those she has connected with from the stage. Her inner and outer beauty and unshakeable confidence and authenticity easily stand her out from any crowd and I know you're going to love her! 

Jean spotlight.jpg

jean young - jean@uptowngirl 

Business owner and passionate customer service advocate Jean Young has long established herself among the elite in shoes and accessories. Priding herself on offering only the very best, bespoke service for her loyal clients looking to make their special occasions even more special. Her journey from private sector admin and management to proud business owner of a proper bricks and mortar shop, Jean knows all about taking over and running a hugely successful business and customer base offering VIP events, bridal accessories and gorgeous designer, and often exclusive, brands. You only have to read through her customer reviews to see how much of an impact she makes upon her loyal fan base.

I absolutely loved reading though Jean's story, such positivity and honesty from a fantastic lady.  I am both proud and thrilled to have her on board as one of our inspirational business owners and for her to share her journey with you. Over to you jean…

Guy spotlight.jpg

guy adams, enspire design

Social media specialist, business funding expert and all round creative human genius, meet Guy Adams our sixth guest editor for The Female CEO. Guy’s larger than life personality makes his face to face training truly a one of a kind experience, the sort of person you always want on your creative team with a razor sharp eye for marketing, infectious laugh and the ability to plan and execute brand design with some of the biggest names in the business. Guy has worked with companies of all shapes and sizes during his career and I’m thrilled to have him on board to lend his creative voice to our community as not only an acclaimed expert but also as one of my best friends of some twenty years. Over to you Guy…

Michele - Pickle Palace.jpg

Michelle Wemyss - The Pickle Palace

Co-Founder of the incredible Social Enterprise that is The Pickle Palace, makers extraordinaire of chutneys, pickles and jams collecting as many fruit and vegetables as possible from locally sourced farm shops, allotments and local supermarkets in order to save as much food from landfill as possible and lovingly up-cycle into absolutely fantastic range of products. Also providing lunch clubs, soup kitchens and food markets on a pay as you feel basis. So far The Pickle palace has saved over 100 tonnes of food in only 12 short months and fed over 7000 people along the way.

Michelle is certainly no stranger to hard work. Balancing her philanthropic endeavours with her role as a single mum of four has been no easy task and I’m massively grateful that she has taken time out of her incredible schedule to talk to us about her journey. From getting her kids out of the door in time for the school run to running around supermarkets collecting produce and organising ‘pay what you feel’ markets in her local community Michelle can teach us a thing or two about balance. Over to you Michelle…

Camilla Border.jpg


Italo-Canadian artist Camilla d’Errico is currently making huge waves across the world of fine art and comic industries with her gorgeous manga-influenced style. Currently branching out her enormous talent to fashion, accessories and toys and working on feature films and videogames with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Disney and Random House, she is one to watch out for with her seemingly unending talents. When she’s not creating, you’ll find her at comic con events across the world where she gets the opportunity to meet her legions of fans face to face, something she told me is a source of huge importance to her. While others are off being VIP’s Camilla is greeting every face that travelled to see her and her work. I was so thrilled that she was able to take some time out to chat with me one winters Friday evening, and, in all honesty, it took me just minutes to adore her warmth and passion for her life’s work. A true visionary and all-round gorgeous human. her success is secondary to her amazing down-to-earth nature. I am beyond proud to introduce Camilla to you. I know you’re going to love her as much as I did. Over to you Camilla…

Copy of Natasha1.jpg


Female CEO, Leader, Advocate, and most importantly a bonafide Mother,  Anistia Thomas is empowering women near and far with her extensive business experience, mentoring and community leadership. She’s here talking to the Female CEO about her journey so far and the biggest adventure of all, the birth of her baby boy Grand. In fact, in true Gamechangette style she held the most incredible baby shower recently (you can read more about that here) but instead of a traditional shower, she wanted to bring the message of Empowerment, Motherhood, Career and Life+Balance Wellness to her invited guests and she certainly did it in style. Her Baby Shower included a women's empowerment panel with over 130 female guests, bringing together a great mix of all distinguished dignitaries, influential, and mainstay Millennials. Talk about a Powerhouse! 

Want to know more about this fabulous female? Of course, you do!

Lenka 3.jpg


Trailblazer, Entrepreneur, Mama & all round Extraordinary Business Coach, there isn’t much that Lenka Lutonska hasn’t overcome and achieved since arriving in the UK from Slovakia at just 19 years old. Working her way up the ladder in hospitality to award-winning business manager and then setting up her highly successful coaching business only to have it all come crashing down in a matter of months. As Lenka puts it ‘I was totally wasting my talents and unable to afford a family dinner. I was deeply embarrassed and acutely aware that something had to change – right there and then. So I changed in that moment. I COMMITTED. I refused the struggle to be ‘normal’ for one more day, and decided to claim my brilliance and do whatever it took to succeed’

And succeed she did. Lenka currently runs some of the most powerful transformational coaching programmes on the planet and just to top off her incredible journey to success she has just released her first book too! Here we take a look into the world of a much loved and respected entrepreneur who, when you meet her, is simply beautiful inside and out. I am so proud that she has chosen our platform to bring her story to our readers, but that's just Lenka, always looking to support, encourage and spur her fellow females into action.

Steph 1.jpg


Coach, entrepreneur, mother and survivor are all words which could be used to describe the woman that is Steph Edusei. Her story is really quite extraordinary, from early aspirations to sing, dance and act to 18+ years working as a leader for one of the most pressurised corporations in the UK, eventually leading to stress related illness, imposter syndrome and a brain haemorrhage she’s still standing and with a head full of knowledge and a firm mission to lead female entrepreneurs to take back control, get balance in their lives and still be a highly effective leaders through her SHINE programme. It’s safe to say that Steph Edusei is one amazing lady…

Janine Wirth.jpg


When I first met with Janine I had no idea of the story which was about to unfold, from an abusive childhood to a life or death event which literally changed the course of her life at the age of just 18 to becoming a respected and trusted PTSD therapist she really is an incredible lady. Not only that but her warmth and obvious passion for her work shines and flows through every conversation, Janine works to help female entrepreneurs heal their emotional baggage, without spending years in therapy and create spectacular business success for themselves. It's really very easy to see why her clients love her so much. Not content with the amazing work she is doing already she also involves herself in projects such as Do Good Now Global Change Maker Awards, supporting human trafficking survivors and offering pro bono therapy for sex trafficking survivors as well as currently preparing and hosting her own Female Entrepreneur Summit, I am left with a feeling of 'Is there anything this woman can't do?' and quite frankly I don't think there is.

Allow me the pleasure of introducing you to Janine Wirth...

Dr Sabrina Jackson 3.jpg


Dr. Sabrina Jackson, a native Detroiter and Cass Technical High School graduate, has literally taken the world by storm! Completing her Master’s Degree at the tender age of 23 from Wayne State University she is known as “The People Expert” as travels the world helping people with people, even if that person is themselves! This inspiring force of nature is continuously busy training corporate executives, single mothers, and gospel artists and it is immensely evident with each group that she works with her passion for people.

Her analytical mind led her to create personality assessment models Essential Colors and Essential Love Styles.  A single mom, herself, Sabrina has written several books, the latest entitled He is Not a Statistic, about raising her son Marcel.  She has been privileged to speak for McDonald’s, Tom Joyner Cruises, and the Detroit City Council and can be seen regularly on Fox 2’s Let it Rip, writing national column in Curvy Magazine & Devine Glory Magazine, heard nightly on The Essentially Sabrina Radio Show on 910 AM, and featured every Tuesday @6:30pm on Fox 2 News with People 911 w/Dr. Sabrina. This lady is well and truly in demand and I am both honoured and thrilled she has chosen The Female CEO to share just some of her amazing journey. Over to you Dr Sabrina…

jointa 1.jpg


Following what she describes as her 'rock bottom' moment in 2008 Jonita Dsouza began to immerse herself in the teachings of the divine feminine. This led to what can only be described as discovering her sacred purpose in life - to impart her knowledge and experience to women so that together they can understand the gift of womanhood and create a beautiful life and a meaningful society for themselves. When you speak to Jonita you immediately feel at ease, there is a special energy around her and I instantly wanted to know more about what makes her shine in such a gorgeous way.

Jonita describes herself as Feminine Lifestylist, author and creatress of Exploring Femininity, a medicine for modern-day busy women. She assists busy women to reconnect with their feminine and sensual selves in their daily lives so that they can begin to experience more energy, fulfilment and pleasure without burning out and overwhelm. I am so happy that she has decided to share her journey with us, over to you Jonita...

jointa 4-2.jpg


Overcoming cultural difficulties and bullying, surviving family tragedy, disowning and an abusive upbringing Anita Ghosal is the unshakable, inspirational founder of the Liberate Me™ brand. Anita has worked tirelessly to overcome social conditioning, limiting beliefs and self doubt to create a life she could only have dreamed of. Now she works with women all over the world both privately and corporate on Liberating women from the inside out to release limitations and create a life they love by claiming who they are - owning it, empowered and unapologetically. Releasing the need for external validation, the need to adhere to cultural or societal restrictions, to break free to find who they really are.

It’s fair to say that Anita has walked her talk and then some and I am so grateful that she has agreed to share her own rollercoaster journey with us here at The Female CEO. Are you ready for some inspiration? Read on…

jointa 4.png


Running your own business can be tough but running one of the biggest voice over agencies in the North of England as well as looking after a family while battling breast cancer and changing careers is just plain remarkable but that's exactly what we discovered when we sat down with the truly amazing Tracy McCoull.

Mother, businesswoman, wife, survivor and friend it's impossible not to feel a little bit in awe upon hearing Tracy's story yet she has a fantastic ability to make you feel instantly at home with a huge smile and an infectiously positive outlook. She tells her story with honesty and gentle humour and I am really quite honoured to be able to bring it to you here. Over to you Tracy...

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