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Hello there! My name is Susan Smalley and I am a life discovery coach and mentor.

I'm thrilled to be here and cannot wait to get to know you better. My passion from a very young age has been for all things spiritual, from healing and crystals to meditation to one to one coaching, reiki, tuition, and mediumship. I am passionate about intuitive guidance, whether that be in relationships, work, business, family dynamics, health,  heightening life demands, lack of focus or a drop in self-esteem, supporting you in transforming any of your restrictions to raise your self-confidence and align you again with the true purpose of your soul. I share with you here guidance, articles, and insights and I hope you find what you're looking for. Feel free to connect with me over in The Community on Facebook. Let's get to know each other better.

Sit back, light a candle and relax with me as we journey together into all things spiritual


Life upside down? Changes in work, relationship, family dynamics or within health? Why does it seemingly come at us from every direction? When it does, it is no surprise we wish to throw in the towel, and give up on ourselves. Everything may appear to be going wrong, with stress levels rising, body tense, anxiety gripping and there is often an overwhelming panic as you have so much to do and so little time to do it. Everyone pushing you for answers or simply trying to push your buttons.

I know in having experienced loss, grief, pain and abuse, that there is a way out. A route so simple, so easy, it can be achieved by a gentle yet effective path to perfect health and prosperity once you realign with your soul purpose.


Hurt, pain, loss and trauma all leave wounds within us, and some can remain quite hidden for a considerable time. For some of us, a whole lifetime.Why do we hide our pain? We do that so much and present to the world a smiling happy glowing shell of the person, we once were. We grasp tightly to hold onto that of ourselves that is only a fragment of our former self. We lose a part of us each time abuse or threat, attack, or grief, stamps upon us. We feel vulnerable, shaky, incapable, unsure, forgetful, fearful, and it is all because of trauma.

What would you do for the 'wounded you' to heal


Have you found throughout your lifetime your confidence has grown?

Do you, as I do, believe confidence is shaped by the people, experiences, nurturing, love, environment, and inner spirit that grows that confidence - or crushes it, depending on those emotional encounters, physical incidents and mental conflicts or inspirations that impact upon us?

I know this: Every single one of you are confident. Yet because of fear, instilled within, from the mouth or hand of another person, that confidence is destroyed. Those of you who are lucky to have had encouragement and love and experiences that have allowed you to freely speak, demonstrate and live out that confidence, grow in such a steady pace – building on personal goals, life achievements, absorption of knowledge, love of live, adventure in pursuits of the soul, relationships in harmony with communication respectful, healthy…

Mindful Meditation

Everyone these days takes time to incorporate a little space into their every day for meditation.

Perhaps you too, have created a little soulful sanctuary for yourself into which you can escape and unwind.  It feels great, doesn’t it.  For those who are new to the benefits of meditation, I cannot stress the importance enough, of regular practice.  It helps you to remain calm in the event of any drama, crisis, trauma or conflict.  A great development of inner work to establish a strong core of confidence.

By ensuring there is time to approach meditation for the purpose of personal development and spiritual enlightenment, everyone of us needs meditation to enjoy equilibrium of wellbeing. 


I can write forever, about a trillion things connected with my day to day work with clients.  Vast experiences in Intuitive Life Coaching, Mediumship, Reiki Healing, Crystal Therapy, Energy Visualisation Meditation, Tarot Consultations, Public Speaking, along with my tutoring students in Tarot, Psychic and Spiritual Development and Healing, and all the rest of my lifetime dedication being of service to Spirit.

Because I am a quirky Aquarian, instead of writing about my work, I thought I would approach this article from another angle. So here it is.  A glimpse into another side of me. A day in the life of Susan Smalley, Author.

How to Survive a Relationship Split & Be Your Own Valentine 

The Celebration of Love is always to the forefront of our minds as we step into February.  Cupid purses his lips and threatens to snatch you down from ‘off the shelf’, even if you have tried to avoid succumbing to being tied into a relationship.  Dating sites grab at your solitude, and if you have been happily trundling along in single status, you just may make an exception at this magical time of the year and dress yourself up sassy to hit the dance floor and tango through the hours with your date, or even with other singles, with the hope in finding ‘the right match’ for you?!

The UK has the highest percentage of Divorce in the EU.  Bearing in mind all of the couples who ‘live together’ out of marriage too, it doesn’t need a mathematician to work out that there is an increasingly high number of breaks and splits in couples, not only in this country but right across the world.  Finding the love of your life, and then facing an incredibly painful split is devastating.  Chasing the dream of finding the right one, only to have your hopes dashed is demoralising and destructive.

If you let it.

7 Tips to swerve Christmas stress

For so many of us Christmas is an exciting time, perhaps the only time when friends and family members find the time to come together with gifts, hugs, laughter, recalling past memories and making a few more.  Gifts in abundance in sharing and loving in warm colourful homes, packed to the brim with bright twinkling lights, coloured baubles, Christmas trees, festive scents, candles, warm snuggly throws, hot piping mulled wine, ovens switched on to bake and baste, grill and thrill the guests to everyone's home.   The rising shrill of singing, celebrating groups of work colleagues, friends and neighbours and children - especially the growing needs and desires of children - and what they expect Santa to deliver to them.  Warm and glowing, fast and flowing, Christmas enters into December like a ballet shoe dressed in ribbons and lifts everyone up to dance and sway, entertain and play.

all about intuitive life coaching, Where energy blocks are busted!

So many people have inquired of my services, from all genres of life.  Each one with different needs, at different junctures of their lives.  Some have lost momentum in career, feel bewildered by body image, rebuffed in relationships, and heavy-hearted with health.  Whether you are single, married, employed or unemployed, we all know of the depths of despair we can drop into when affected emotionally, mentally, or physically be grief, loss, anger, or frustration.   Only last night I spoke to a guy who had enquired about an appointment with me for Reiki Healing.  As we spoke, he enquired ‘what’s this Intuitive Life Coaching, Susan?  What’s that all about?’ It made me smile when he said, ‘I know what a Life Coach is, and how they work, but how does an Intuitive Life Coach offer her services?  What’s involved?’   


the fool tarot card

Wow!  That is all…    The first day of April!

What an incredible day for Tricia Scott to launch her brand new Female CEO website! 

I was overwhelmed when she asked me to join with her and her team as Guest Editor, last year as we discussed all the amazing plans she has for her team and her membership, right across the world.

Not only is Sunday 1st April, Easter Sunday this year, but it also is quite remarkably April Fool’s Day!

As you will note when you visit my website, I have read Tarot for over thirty years.  I teach Tarot to students all over the UK and the rest of the world, both online and in person.  Quite often delivering my fabulous Tarot Workshops to those who are keen to learn the meanings of Tarot in group scenarios, meeting new faces, making new friends, and acquiring new skills as they learn the meaning of the Tarot with my unique and very intuitive style of teaching. 

Read on to learn more about The Fool and what it means right now 


invitation to meditation 

So often those who visit me to receive coaching or healing, ask me for one of my uniquely channelled meditations.  It is always a pleasure to help someone connect to their own soul and expand their awareness of self, in becoming still and allowing their minds to sense freedom from everyday concerns and anxieties pressing upon them.  Meditation helps sleep, relaxing your body, reducing your heart rate, allowing you to be mindful of your environment, and your energy field.  You have an incredible mind, let yourself explore fully upon this Meditation journey – which you may like to enjoy at home, in your favourite place, on your lunch break or early morning ritual as you prepare for the day ahead.

You are here so I guess you are searching too, for some assistance in your journey of wellbeing...

Hands in air.jpeg


Your here today because you recognised there is a need within you, a void, of joy, money, security, pleasure, adventure, purpose, or boredom. You have perhaps been in limbo of uncertainty for some time, and you are just waiting for that one lucky break that will put you back on track. Some of you may feel you are exhausted from first of all being on track and falling off track, many times over. It's exhausting is't it?!

 I have been inspired to offer this mini-taster coaching task for you to explore, have fun, reach understanding of who you are and implement the steps to release you from past hurt and trauma. know instinctively why you find yourself here, right now. This is only the beginning - a short but powerful glimpse into the whole joy and potential within you.


The healing power of crystals 

Just how gorgeous are crystals?

I have crystals which I purchased from all around the world, China, Sicily, Italy, Florida, Jamaica, Paris.   I know my love of crystals first began in my twenties and for over thirty years I have used them to clear negative energy in work environments, focus upon for clarity and inspiration, held them in meditations, and sat with their fabulous energising power, in a circle of healing.  Over the past ten years, I have worked with these subtle yet powerful colourful tools to help raise the esteem in others, bring confidence to those who are self-doubting, and placed them around clients who seek energy balance of emotions, mentally and physically.  Are you ready to learn more about crystal healing power?