The rise of affordable interior design

By Tricia Scott

 Every time I move house I get SO excited at the thought of interior design. Paint charts, sample pots, fabric swatches, sections of wallpaper and carpet samples. I love them all. It used to be that I had to turn to books, magazines and paint catalogues for inspiration but not anymore. 

With the likes of Pinterest, Houzz and any number of Facebook groups popping up the ideas are simply endless. I can find entire catalogues of ideas at the click of a mouse button. New bathroom? Glitter staircase? Family feature wall? Mosaic tile floor? you got it! Not only that but often the popular social media groups are FULL of people coming up with new, inspiring, money saving ideas to make your home unique and individual. Floors made entirely out of pennies or bottle tops, it's never been easier to be inspired on a shoestring. 

All over the world people are sharing ideas, wisdom, where to buy tips and often times evidence of their own mishaps in the hope of helping another to avoid the same, sometimes costly pit falls. I think I love this as much as I do the ideas themselves. People working together, offering advice and guidance. People generally being good humans to one another. 

A sense of community is arising and it's in the most unlikely of places. DIY and weekend home improvement is no longer for the man of the house, sticking to safe colours and only shopping in recognised high street stores. It's become a creative outlet for everyone, every day and it's growing. You only have to log on to Facebook or Twitter and creativity is literally spilling from the screen and into your hands. 

I, as a self-confessed interior design fanatic, intend to savour and enjoy every post, comment and like and retweet. I shall celebrate your creativity and ingenious ideas with reactions, likes and even emojis (The heart eyes is my current favourite.) I shall buy the paint, create the feature wall of family photos and glitter paint my bathroom and when I'm finished I'll likely start all over again because actually, it's more than just home decoration. It's change, choice, creativity and community. 

Some of my most favourite things.