By Nichola English

Did you know what you wear is an important part of how confident you may feel about yourself.

One of the great fashion designers Yves Saint Lauren – once quoted;

“I have always believed that fashion was not just about making women more beautiful, but it was to reassure them and give them confidence”

Even the famous Yves Saint Lauren knew the correlation between clothing and how it makes us feel. Your wardrobe can have a huge impact on how you feel and it isn’t as frivolous as you may think. Your wardrobe contains numerous channels of various versions of ourselves. There have been countless studies, all over the world, from Science to Psychology to help understand more about our relationship between our mind and the clothing we gravitate towards.

Let me ask you…

Have you ever noticed how your self confidence levels can differ depending on the outfit/clothing you choose to wear?

Looking at confidence from a styling viewpoint, we are all aware of how certain clothes have the power to make us feel less confident and others make us feel empowered. Clothing has a wonderful way of speaking volumes about who we are and what we think about ourselves, whether it’s in business or our personal life. We all strive to approach each day with confidence however, there are times when reality hits and we struggle. Even branded labels we love aren’t always the answer to our confidence prayers. I think the real power of clothing and confidence comes form the understanding of our personal style, body shape and befriending our body. Knowing how to rock our look by making clothes work for us can be the key to success.

Feel good factor clothes

  •    An outfit that gives you that extra boost

  •    Clothing that you want to wear every day

  •    Something that expresses your individuality

  •    Wow colour factor

  •    Well fitted underwear

  •    Clothes that flatter and fit you

  •    A pair of Killer heels

  •    A go to dress you adore wearing

  •    A chic blazer that’s flexible with its styling duties

  •    Clothing that allows you to flaunt the best part of your body that makes you feel confident

  •    Clothing that makes you feel comfortable

What do your clothes and confidence say about you? For example;

  •    I’m stylish and chic and have truly mastered my understanding of style

  •    I respect, value and care about myself

  •    I’m a successful well-paid confident person

  •    I have a love of fashion

  •    I’m confident and create outfits that suit my individuality. I don’t need anyones approval

  •    I use style as a self-expression

Ask yourself , what do my clothes and confidence say about me?

 Take a few moments to right down a few sentences about what your clothing could be saying about you and your confidence to your inner and outer world.

Final thoughts

The secret to syncing your wardrobe and confidence is to make your wardrobe a feel-good zone. Genuine confidence is not about the labels you wear; real confidence comes from how you feel about what you are wearing. It’s understanding your true style then developing it with your own personal strengths.

Love my style, love your style,

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© Nichola English & The Female CEO


My Name is Nichola and I am addicted to fashion.

From an early age picking out clothes for friends and family I always had an eye for style which only expanded as i got older, eventually leading  me to create my business,  The Wardrobe Provocateur. I adore working with women (and men) across the world discovering personal style, reinventing that old tired wardrobe and discovering new confidence and vitality through coaching, shopping and good old clearing out of the old. You can read my story of becoming The Wardrobe Provocateur here.

I am thrilled to be here as part of this amazing community and I aim to share some of my personal insights, Ideas and my famous 'Wardrobe Wednesdays' with you. I will be popping regularly into The Community page so feel free to connect with me, ask questions and get social. You can also join my Facebook group, full of inspiring men and women here.

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