The Importance of Business Branding

By Hollie Ellis

Branding is so much more than just your logo. Jeff Bezos said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

There’s two parts to branding - the visual side of it, which includes your logo, colours, fonts, photographs and graphics and then there’s the essence of your brand. This includes your brand experience, values, mission, core message, positioning, voice, personality and more.

 So why is it so important to get your business branding right from the offset?

Branding helps create recognition

The more cohesive your brand looks, the more recognisable it will become. This means showing up consistently, sharing your core message consistently and making sure your visual brand is cohesive in look and feel across everything online and offline.

Once your brand becomes more recognisable, you’ll attract more dream customers, which leads onto my next point…

Branding attracts your dreams customers and creates connection

Having clarity around your core message and who exactly your dream customers are, means you can share your core message and it’ll resonate with your dream customers. This in turn will create a deeper level of connection. Maintaining a niche of dream customers will give you crystal clear clarity on who you need to be targeting. Speaking only to those customers will in turn create trust and loyal followers of your brand. This will generate a domino effect of more dream customers becoming aware of you and you brand.

Branding adds value to your business

Not only can you add value to your dream customers experience of your brand, but branding as a whole will add value to your business. Whether your future plans are to pass your business down to your family/children or to sell your business, your branding will add more value to its net worth.

Branding helps you stand out

Worried about your competitors and how you can stand out from the crowd in a positive way? Concentrate on building your brand in a consistent way. Having a cohesive and recognisable brand which adds value, serves your customers through an exceptional service and helps them see results and solves their problems is going to help you stand out. Most of all showing up and being a true and authentic representation of your brand and everything it stands for is going to also build impact.

Branding generates company culture

This is especially true if you have a team of employees working for you. It can be really powerful for a group of people to share the same brand ethos, message and mission. It creates culture within the company, inspiring others to join and want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Branding creates direction

Having a brand strategy in place gives you direction in knowing what your goals are and how you’re going to work towards those goals. Rather than fumbling around in the dark, having a strategy in place gives you even more purpose to move your brand forward.

Branding builds identity

Having a strong visual style gives your brand an identity. This means having your visuals together and using them in a consistent manner creating a professional, cohesive and recognisable look. If your goal is to create more brand awareness, give a real and memorable experience, attract your dream customers, help more people etc., then having a cohesive and professional looking brand is of utmost importance.

Branding is something not to be ignored and if you can get it right with clarity from the beginning, it can be an undeniable asset for your business.

With Love, 


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Hollie is a freelance graphic designer with over a decade of experience working within the design industry, specialising in premium branding services. She works closely with exceptional female entrepreneurs to ensure the visual brand for their business is distinctive and recognisable so they can start to get their name out there more and attract those dream customers from the very beginning. You can find Hollie hanging out on Instagram most of the time or within her community

For more information you can also visit her wonderful website