The Healing Power Of Crystals

By Susan Smalley  

Just how gorgeous are crystals?

I have crystals which I purchased from all around the world, China, Sicily, Italy, Florida, Jamaica, Paris.   I know my love of crystals first began in my twenties and for over thirty years I have used them to clear negative energy in work environments, focus upon for clarity and inspiration, held them in meditations, and sat with their fabulous energising power, in a circle of healing.  Over the past ten years, I have worked with these subtle yet powerful colourful tools to help raise the esteem in others, bring confidence to those who are self-doubting, and placed them around clients who seek energy balance of emotions, mentally and physically.  


Natural, sleek, colourful, and linking you to their amazing properties of healing, crystals are ever more popular amongst not only those of enlightened spiritual pathways but also those in the corporate world, who wish to attract and ensure the harmony of productivity and financial flow into their businesses. 

Years ago, long before I became self-employed,  I would always carry a citrine crystal with me for interviews.  Success, Achievement, and Financial increase, always followed.   During the ten years of running my own business, crystals have fallen in my lap, been gifted to me by friends and clients have asked about their special unique qualities.  Children adore crystals…….. teenagers especially!

Do you have crystals around your home?  In your garden?  At your place of work?

Why not start with an amethyst, beautiful deep purple and such a fantastic tool for reducing stress, eliminating headaches, cleansing and purifying other crystals, and helping you overcome addictions.

I hold a Diploma in Crystal Therapy after doing my training with Amethyst Crystal Training, 

One of my rare cathedral amethyst crystals I shall feature in another post soon.  It sits in my healing room and resonates on a high frequency of healing.

Which crystal appeals to you?   Go out and find a crystal from any of the many holistic suppliers or order yourself one or two online.   There are so many to choose from…   you may be surprised to learn that the crystal actually chooses you! 

I have given many away as gifts to clients, and friends and once when working in a couple of local crystal shops, I made fab purchases of special well-treasured crystals.   I often gift an amethyst to someone I know in need of calm, protection and requiring peaceful resolves to conflicting issues etc.

I wonder if you wish to ask me a question about your particular crystal?

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