The first card of the Major Arcana Tarot is in fact, The Fool.     

Rebirth.  Joy.  Adventure.


Just look at his absolute charisma, showing no fear, embracing all his skills, and setting off on a pathway of learning.   He exudes positivity!  His number is (0) and he symbolises a new beginning.  How apt therefore Tricia should chose Fool’s Day for her new business launch!    Everything in life begins at zero, and we accelerate and gain momentum through the rest of the milestones, evolving and succeeding with a huge sense of pride.  I know I feel rather like The Fool too, this week, as the excitement builds for what I predict will be a sensation in the realms of those women and men who seek to find answers and inspiration from this brand new site. 

Let us take a brief look at my interpretations I have written in my Tarot Insights Book of this quirky, confident, and knowledgeable Tarot card: 

The Fool symbolises absolute change.  Re-emerging back into the world after a time of retreat and solitude.  Enough time has been spent in incubation gaining wisdom.  You now have a new lease of life. Ready to learn new things, make new acquaintances in your social circles, explore new places, plan journeys overseas, holiday and work related, this as you can see, is one of the most positive cards of the Tarot. The magic around you brings you uplift and joy. You are ready and willing to enter a new phase of your life.  Travel at home and abroad, is definitely indicated by the presence of this adorable character.  Perhaps learning a new language, studying culture, art, theatre, drama, or music.  Writers are especially sharing similarities with this inquisitive mind-set of youthful exuberance.   As younger people are drawn to you now – you may also find yourself coaching, mentoring or working with those who less fortunate, homeless, and linked with those charities who support children stricken with illnesses and disease.  Look to where you can be more humanitarian and soon others will approach you to help with their special unique and life changing projects. 

This card indicates, love, happiness, plans for your long term future, your feet are never still!  It is time for you to enjoy yourself, build your confidence, do more public speaking, dance, and enjoy the romance of life.   A hearty, fulfilling symbolic card for those of you who are newly in love.  

The year ahead looks amazing for you, and how proud you are of your sense of wellbeing.  Life is for living, and you are certainly about to do just that!  Jumping through hoops, your physical and mental health improves; mental stimulus of study guides you onto achieving those much sought qualifications, and so, it goes without saying that this card screams out the happiness that is ahead.

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