Body confidence, what's up with that?

Well hello there weekend..

I was having a conversation other day about how we are still struggling with that old faithful body confidence, you know even I have times when it comes knocking at my door. 

The question is what do you do??

Okay, I want you to remember we all have different shapes and sizes, the key to your body confidence is ....

1- Understanding your body shape, when you do you'll find it so much easier begin tune with your body and find the right clothes that give you the feel good factor, which in return gives you more confidence.

2- Embrace who you are now, I want you to STOP!! criticising yourself and take the time to really appreciate everything about you now, your body your shape. Including those things you don't like about your body because we all have them even me.

When you learn to love YOU!! and who you are inside & out that's when the magic happens. Self love is so important, don't you think so 💕

As I said I have to work on my body confidence when the doubt comes a knocking, I've learned to love my bad knee which I wear a brace on, stretch marks which seemed to appear one day and my curves. 

Do you struggle with body confidence?? 

If you do your not alone and you can do something about it. ❤

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