Then and now, remembering how far you've come.

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This may just look like another ad for something or other that you see around FB, Instagram etc but to me, it's representative of the work that goes into building a business. My business.

You see you may or may not know that I do all of the design work myself for The Female CEO. 18 months or so ago I had never created a website. Never designed a magazine, barely ever created professional social graphics, I didn't know how to use photoshop (I'm still questionable at best), I didn't have any knowledge or experience of blog writing either but what I did know about was starting a business, leading a team, good coffee, good wine and I had loads of ideas.

That's how all of this began. An idea to bring like-minded people together in a safe space of community. I wanted to make entrepreneur magic! I've learned so much along the way, met so many truly incredible and inspirational people, laughed, cried and felt the support of the people in this community at every step (especially the really tough ones). I still work full-time, run three companies and sometimes it's all I can do to fall into my PJ's and pray for the tech support fairy to come along and fix whatever-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-this -sodding computer-now but I'm only human, like the rest of us, and the following day It's usually figureoutable (love that word, thanks Marie Forleo). This business goes from strength to incredible strength, I am in awe of the attention and attraction it is bringing to itself and I am so very proud to be at the helm of once was just an idea I had when I fell asleep every night.

As entrepreneurs, we must never give up. Believe me, I've felt like it at times. We must always make space for our ideas and dreams to manifest because they will. We must carry on, even when the hours are quite frankly farcical and we have no real idea what we're doing but we're learning. Its a process and it can be a frustrating one but it's worth it. Take advice from this community, use the resources at your fingertips (literally!) Talk to the Editors and Contributors, they are unbelievably talented and hand-picked to be the very best. This is the community I wish I had when I started out and now it is the community I need as an entrepreneur myself.

It can be a lonely journey CEO's whether you're a startup, solopreneur or a manager/ director of a team but it doesn't have to be. We exist to bring you together, to share, collaborate and be the best you can possibly be. Don't sit on the sidelines. Get involved tell us your biggest goals and aspirations. Let us cheerlead for you when it's great and talk you through when it's tough. There's enough competition out there, in here we collaborate.

We are stronger together.

Don't be put off by anyone else success, know there are no limits to what you can do, I am living proof that anything is possible.

Don't know about design? Ask.

Want to start a business but don't even know where to begin? Ask.

Need content but never written before so don't even know what your voice is? Ask.

Desperate for PR advice but can't afford an agency yet? Ask.

Need direction, feel like you've lost your path? Ask.

Need energy, the body feels like crap and tired all the time? Ask.

Stuck in your own mind and need help to move away from old trauma? Ask.

Want to get involved in networking but don't know what your style should be? Ask.

Stuck with money, need to move on but don't know how? Ask.

Want to meet other movers and shakers? Need a girl community stateside? Ask.

Seriously this is just a tiny piece of the vast knowledge already in the space. Use it.

With love and massive appreciation,


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