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Happy Friday Beautiful!

How was your week CEO's?

As usual, things have been pretty hectic over here with new content, exciting connections and a few technical hitches 🙄(hence the missing July edition of CEO magazine, it's coming I promise!) but this week also saw the meeting of minds that is our brilliant team of The Female CEO Guest Editors andContributors. I adore that day of the month where we all get together, in the comfort of our own homes or offices (tea, coffee, wine or a pink gin in hand) and face to face chat. We discuss our wins, our ideas, advise each other and of course throw in a hefty dose of girl talk. As you already know we have a huge amount of talent in our team and getting us all together in one place is bound to result in something special and it really didn't disappoint, we had all of the ideas. I cannot wait to share some of them with you over the coming weeks.

After the call I got to thinking about how much more we are able to create when we come together, so many free flowing ideas, so much energy and passion! There were 8 people on the call and we came up with enough ideas for 100 but what were we missing?

As a community of followers, collectively we stand at around 13,000 strong.

13,000 of you with goals, ambitions and big dreams. Just imagine what we could create as one big team?! So I ask you the question.

What do you need?

As the leader of this amazing community I want to know how can we best serve you? What do you long for? What do you need? My vision for The Female CEOhas always been to create something amazing, deeply rooted in service to its community members with the emphasis on true connection and I can only do that with your help.

I reach out to you today to think about the questions above and drop me a quick line. You are already part of something special and I want to make it the best possible and most effective platform for you. I'm all ears...

I believe in you,

Tricia ScottComment