Are you prepared?

How was your week? If you're reading this in the UK then you'll know we're dealing with a heatwave. Now, for the rest of you, this might not be news, in fact, I know that some of you will think nothing of it, but for us Brits trying to work in the heat it's been a challenge. It's like the armageddon of electrical supplies as every outlet in the entire UK is outta fans and the staff are fresh-out-of-fucks because they're too hot to care about your underboob sweat and concentration span of an angry toddler.

It got me thinking.

Are we prepared?

It's a lovely thought that, being your own boss, you can just down tools, crack out the cocktail shaker, grab a deckchair and take up residency in the garden with your laptop and tell everyone on social media how ah-mazing your life is, just look!

Er, no.

You still have deadlines to meet, kids to look after, meetings to attend, money to make and have you ever tried to work on a laptop in the sun? Never mind after a couple of margaritas!

The point is we still have all of the things to do, it's just that there's sometimes there are other things too and sometimes they're more appealing that your VAT return or sitting in the dark preparing for a conference call.

Before you think I'm being a massive fun sponge on being your own boss, I'm really not. It's awesome and yes, you can make that decision, ring your girlfriends and crack out the tequila because, you are in charge after all, but to get the freedom that every entrepreneur so desires you're going to have to plan ahead.

It's all in the planning.

I have various tools I use to segment and plan ahead for my business, One of my favourites is my content calendar (good old excel, doesn't even have to be fancy) from there I can see my next quarter ahead, I know what needs to be asked for and by when, I can schedule my posts ahead of time and know they're going to go out when I need them to, and I can see where the gaps are that I fill as I go with inspirational or seasonal stuff. It takes a bit of work, I update it around once a week and use Wunderlist to keep track of conversations and what I need to do next but you can bet your ass that I'm choosing my update time when the weather is damp or I'm having a PJ day to sit and work through that stuff. That way when the weather is gorgeous, my favourite film is on at the cinema or the beach is calling my name I can do that too, unhindered by the 'crap! this should have been done by now' panic.

It doesn't always work like that of course, sometimes things have to be done on certain days and at certain times but I find that planning ahead, wherever possible, not only allows me that flexibility of working when I choose to but also makes a huge difference to my mindset. Knowing that the huge amount of content and people I'm working with are in hand and that the many plates are spinning gives me a better nights sleep.

So, are you prepared? Drop into The Community and tell us all about your favourite planning tools and what works for you.

Now, who's for Margaritas?

Tricia ScottComment