Are you on shaky ground? It might be time for a foundation check.

This past week I have had conversations every single day with fabulous entrepreneurs from all over the world.

The power of the internet has allowed me to converse with New York, Hollywood, Devon, London, Morocco and South Africa. I feel like I've been on a mini world tour without ever leaving my desk! It's so exciting how our reach as a business is expanding. We are growing in numbers but more importantly, we are growing in community and engagement. Women (and men) are approaching me more often than not, every day to talk about what they do and how it can benefit you, our brilliant followers and readers and what's even better than that is the fact that they are bringing it to you for free. Where else can you get that sort of value?

One of the things I've noticed across our conversations is that without exception, these people didn't just become an overnight success. That's one of the reasons I decided, right at the beginning when I launched The Female CEO, to Spotlight the journeys of entrepreneurs every month. There's so much crap on the internet about how you can become an overnight millionaire by buying this or selling that.

Trust me, it's crap.

When you look at the truly successful people in the world (and I'm talking about success of every sort here, material, spiritual and physical) they didn't get there quickly and they didn't get there by skipping the hard parts.

True success comes from the ground up.

It's in the laying of the foundations, you know, the really unsexy parts that ensure lasting success. It's working through and learning from the challenges that put you ahead of your counterparts. When you read the journeys we feature every month you realise these people have lived it.

The foundation, in part, is the inner work. You have to take a really hard look at yourself, knowing who you are and what you're capable of, the type of person you are and what kind of support you may need, the research, the training and  the learning curves you're going to navigate. You have to know that you are going to face failure and be willing and  prepared to still stay standing. Staying firmly in the arena as Brenè Brown would say, and you can only do this is you're prepared.


So many people skip the foundation part, trust me, it's easier that way. They go straight to the website, product and facebook ads, all of the exciting bits that are likely to result in a quick profit but it's a bit like building a house without foundations. You can build something that looks amazing that you can post all over your social media and be proud of, for a while, but what happens sooner or later? It sinks. Often irretrievably. It's not like you haven't put the work in either! You bought the bricks and spent time and money on the build  but you skipped the foundations. What did you expect?


Your business is no different.


It's not too late. Even if you are already in business right now. Take the time, get to know your personality style, how you work and what makes you great. What are you really good at? Research your product and your audience, why do they buy from you? How can you serve them better? Are you taking time out to rest? (I can feel you rolling your eyes at me 🙄 do you even know where you are in terms of life balance? It sounds counterproductive, like a step backwards, but this sort of work will only strengthen your foundation so that when the tough times come, you won't sink. In fact, you'll barely sway.


You're already in the arena, are you prepared?

Tricia ScottComment