It's been a while...


It's been a while, 6 weeks to be exact.

If I'm being completely honest I've avoided writing this blog for the last two full weeks, why? Well, first off for our newest subscribers and those of you who didn't see our social posts my lovely dad passed away on the 21st May after an incredibly short and aggressive illness, now this isn't going to be a maudlin email so you can keep reading, but my dad was always the first person to read my weekly She-Mail and he never failed to email me back with a little note to say how proud he was of me or how much he enjoyed reading it. So its not the actual content I've avoided writing it's the knowing that I won't get that email back, as I did every single week.

I've been literally avoiding the inevitable.

As part of my commitment to you when I started this business, I said that I would always be honest and share my experiences, good, bad and downright ugly and while I was so very temped to not address the horrendous past weeks myself and my family have faced I knew that flew straight in the face of what The Female CEO is all about.

So the truth is, I didn't want to send anything out and I realised that I had to make a decision, I either never write another weekly blog again and find some sort of alternative or I stay true to my love of my work and of course without doubt what my dad would have insisted I do and put fingers to keyboard again. Let me tell you there have been tears, fear, caffeine and a lot of wine in the lead up to this email but here it is and I get to share it with you, my wonderful community of Shero's. So on that note, thank you. To every one of you who has shown your support over the past weeks (there have been so many) and to our amazing Guest Editors for keeping the community and me going with your posts, blogs, messages and sheer unwavering love and support.

I also invite you to think about what are you avoiding in your own life out of fear? It might not be something as immediately obvious as my own situation but are you procrastinating over a launch, blog, startup or something different? Travel, relationships, friendships or love? My own on-going experience reminds me it's tough, paralysing at times even (wine helps) but if you're not prepared to play full out how can you experience the highs? If I hadn't written my blogs I wouldn't have those treasured emails (backed up and backed up again) in my inbox right now and while I may not receive another I can know in my heart that because I put myself out there in the first place I received the most treasured gift of all. My dad got to see me living full out and following my heart.

I'm pretty proud of that.

This one's for you Dad.

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