Your weight does not define your worth

I asked a question in The Community this week. I asked 'Do you find that confidence issues affect you? Not just body confidence but general ability confidence or that 'who does she think she is' syndrome?'

I got so many PM's that day. 

The question came about as I read about and researched body confidence issues in female entrepreneurs. I was shocked by the results but not wholly surprised. I see this a LOT. 

So many women create these incredible businesses, have the best ideas and the most inspirational stories to tell but you never get to hear them, or buy them or get excited about them because they're hiding. 

Hiding all of this awesomeness from the world! 

Not cool but sadly not unusual.

These creative, beautiful, inspirational women are embarrassed to be seen by the world, they are terrified of being in the public eye and being judged. 

One of the statistics which jumped out at me while reading was that 98% of women don't like their bodies and would describe themselves as ashamed. 

I almost cried when I read that. 


All of those women walking around secretly (and not so secretly) hating themselves and starving the world of their endless talents and for what? Because they don't feel skinny or attractive enough to be 'out there' yet or they worry what others will think if they show all the way up. 

I could wail with frustration.

'When I reach my goal weight of X then I'll apply for that job/ launch that business/ get those headshots done/ go on that date/ launch that video series' sound familiar?

Screenshot 2019-04-26 14.23.39.png

On and on it goes. We have to work together to change the narrative. The answer doesn't lie in yet another diet (weight loss or gain) or detox or procrastination, it lies in us right now telling ourselves and each other we are enough, today, as we are, in all of our perfect imperfections and saying 'fuck this I am not going to wait any longer and by doing so I am going to change the narrative for every single woman and girl who watch or listen to me and what I have to offer'

Its time to step out of the shadows, accept what is and learn to love the glorious creations that we are wholly and unapologetically. This is our time, we don't get it again. How you show up is a decision that can only be made by you. You have gifts to share and the world is missing out because you're afraid to show up! 


Don't give your power away for fear of judgement (and that goes for self-judgement too). You deserve so much more than that. 

Here's something I read and loved from @bodyposipanda which sums it up perfectly: 

"The big turning point was learning why I hated my body in the first place. Most of us go through our lives thinking hating our bodies is the norm, that it’s our fault because we don’t try hard enough or we don’t have enough willpower to change. I always blamed myself and my body and thought there was no other way. 

I started learning about body positivity and things like diet culture (which is our cultural obsession with weight loss and thinness being the only way to be good enough) and fatphobia. Learning all these terms that have fuelled our body hatred and taught us our bodies aren’t good enough was the first step to accepting my body. There’s a $60 billion diet industry in America and a £2 billion diet industry in the UK that thrives on teaching us our bodies aren’t good enough. There’s something bigger than us teaching us to feel the way we do about our bodies.

We are not to blame, our bodies are not the problem. Letting go of that blame and realising it wasn’t my fault and this is something that has been done to me my entire life allowed me to realise I deserved better and that’s a starting point for anyone who's really struggling with their body. I was a child when I first thought my body was wrong and I now realise I never deserved that. No one ever deserved to be made to feel like their body was wrong. We all deserve better than hating ourselves for our entire lives." 

Let me tell you, you are enough, exactly as you are, right now, today. Make yourself heard, take up all of the space and be the leading light. The world needs what you have to offer and you never know who you're inspiring along the way. 

Tricia ScottComment