Vision boarding like a BOSS

It's 8 am and I've just boarded a train to pick up my new car. This might not seem like actual you know, news to you but to me? Well, to me it's kind of a big deal. 

You see, I chose this car. Not last week when I sat in stationary traffic to test drive it for AN HOUR AND A HALF while needing to pee SO BAD, not the week before that when it caught my eye online and I promptly called the dealership 200 miles away, but about 4 years ago when I first started to vision board

I chose that car then. The colour, the shape, even down to the non-negotiable soft cream leather interior. The funny thing is I don't remember really putting it on there, but later that day, looking through some old downloads on my computer there it was. My new car. There were other things too, Paris CHECK, Rome, CHECK, an iMac for design work, CHECK, connections worldwide, CHECK.

On and on it went. 

Has that ever happened to you? It's freaky! 4 years ago I added that picture to my vision board of the things I wanted and in a few hours time, I'll be driving it home.

I'm thrilled, excited and grateful as I sip my coffee and watch the world fly by and not for the first time I am amazed at the way the universe comes together to bring us the things we ask for. 

Do you have a vision board? I remember when I first started, it all felt a bit silly, pinning pictures up of all of the things I wanted to bring into my life. I even felt like it looked a bit shallow, who was I to want all of those things? Lots of them material too. Of course, I now know differently, I treat myself differently. Out went the negative self-talk and the guilt and in came the allowance of believing that I can want whatever the fuck I choose to want but that took time. Here are some of the small steps I undertook to make vision boarding comfortable to me: 

  • I started a secret Pinterest board - I pinned like a crazy person all of the beautiful experiences and things I wanted to bring into my life and it was just for me! Carrie Green of FEA talks about this in her wonderful book She Means Business, she has a box entitled 'Whatever is in this box, is' and she would cut out all of the things and experiences she wanted and put them in the box, believing that they would then manifest. 


  • I wrote down (typed actually) into a password protected journal as if I already had all of the things I wanted. I talked about what it felt like, who I was surrounded by and allowed myself to get really excited at the thought of it.


  • I stopped listening to my own negative self-talk. This was tougher to do and I still catch myself indulging from time to time when I'm not paying full attention. I learned to be conscious of how I was feeling and that was always indicative of what I was thinking. Susan Hyatt talks about this in her brilliant new book BARE (if you haven't read it its a MUST) she suggests setting a timer on the hour and when it goes off asking yourself what you're thinking. Is it positive or negative? When you tune in, you can change it. This takes practise and it's ok to forget. Be gentle with yourself during this process, you're learning, remember? 

As you can probably tell, I highly recommend creating your own vision board in a way that works for you. If you don't want it on the wall then create a Pinterest board, make up a box to put your wants into or create a screensaver of images for your computer or mobile phone (this one is great, you see it ALL the time!) there isn't one way to do this stuff, let it be your way. The better it feels the quicker it becomes your reality. 

So let me ask you, what do you really want? 

Tricia ScottComment