This is what 'Invested' looks like

A friend of mine is launching a business. I had a conversation with her this week and it went a bit like this; 

Her: I am so ready to get on with this business, I have SO many ideas and is really exciting! I've chosen my brand colours and font, eek!

Me: Brilliant! So when are you going to launch it? Do you need any help? 

Her: Oh, not for a while yet. I haven't prepared anything for social media, or a landing page. 

Me: OK so how are you telling people about it? What conversation are you having and with who? 

Her: [Blank stare] Well, um, I'm telling you. Now. 

Me: Ok, so how did the set up with the stuff I gave you go? (I gave her some training materials a while back and some ideas for accounts to set up). Did you get your head around it? 

Her: Oh, I didn't really have time to do all of that. I have to be at work by 9:30 and I don't get home till 7 and then there are the dogs to walk and tea to make. By the time I've done all of that I'm knackered. I do try to schedule some weekend time but have only managed 15 mins here and there really, plus I'm easily distracted, lol. 

'15 mins here and there'


Now, I love her a lot and I say this with only the love it is intended but what the actual fuck Mary! (she's not called Mary but she'll laugh when she reads this) 

I asked her to think about what she just said, play back the words she's telling herself and really listen to what she's saying because what I heard loud and clear was this; 

I'm not ready.

I'm not prepared to make the time to make this my reality.

This is not important enough to me to make it a priority.

Now I know she's capable. In fact, she's pretty amazing as humans go but she isn't putting in the work. She's not fully invested because if she was this would be ON by now. If she was fully invested she would be getting up an hour or two earlier to work before she has to go to work, getting someone else to walk the dogs a few times per week and scheduling work time in her diary EVERY weekend. 

This is what 'Invested' looks like. It's work, it’s grind and it’s tough. 

It's also rewarding, exciting and a lot of fun! I'm not saying you have to spend your entire life slogging away, self-care is super important but when you begin to really take stock of your life and show all the way up for your dreams here's what happens. 

Your mindset actually shifts. It stops being something you can't really make time for and becomes a daily must. You start to look at everything you do and analysing if it's working for you because every decision you make on a daily basis is moving you towards or away from what you want and when you realise this, really let it sink in, it changes the way you do everything. 

You eat better because you want to take care of your body. You know you need more focus and energy so you move towards healthier options to give you maximum benefit. 

You surround yourself with positive influences, from the friends you choose to hang out with to what you watch on TV and listen to on the radio. Outside influences which stress you out are a no go because you need to feed your mind in order for it to give you the best return (goodbye horror films and murder documentaries!). 

You declutter your space because you know that a clear workspace and home means a clear head and more productivity for you and your family. 

All of the above take some level of work but the payoff is immense and not just for your work but for every single area of your life. All of the above will make your life, your work, your body and your mindset better. You just have to feel it. 

You have to feel it in all of your being. This is it. Your centre stage project, your life's work, your legacy. 

You have to be sick, tired and frustrated treading water and waiting for something to happen. You are done waiting, for good. You would rather risk it falling on its arse and looking silly than living in a state of discontent for one more day and so you look for the things that bring you closer, you push like never before and you don't quit. Not when it gets hard, not when you sleep late and don't have enough time and not when you don't know the answer. You actively seek out people, circumstances and events that push you forward and you tell every single person willing to listen about what you're working on because you know that one well-placed conversation can change the course of your life and you never know where it will come from. 

This is what it takes. It's a soul level commitment with yourself. Not anyone else. This is you vs you every single day and those who commit to themselves are the ones who win. Without exception. 

You are here because you have what it takes, I believe in you.

You are fucking glorious.

*PS Since Tuesday 'Mary' has a dog walker, a cleaner and a new alarm clock louder than Big Ben. She committed and she's going to do HUGE things. Watch this space...