The night it all began and the March CEO magazine

Almost to the day, a year ago I began this journey. It hardly seems real. 
Midnight on the 31st March 2018 was the night I knew I was going to 'officially' launch my business. At midnight that was it. No turning back, no hiding, I was ALL IN.

At the stroke of midnight, David was at the bar ordering Champagne, heralding a new direction of which I had absolutely no certainty of but just knowing at a soul level that this was absolutely the right way forward. Have you ever had that? It's thrilling and terrifying and exciting but in the chaos of emotion remains the true call, the voice of yes. Yes, this is the right direction no matter the rest.

In twelve months I have worked more than I ever have before (and that's saying something). Evenings, weekends, holidays and the rest. I have learned to schedule posts, write at the beach, use voice notes and carry a notebook or my iPad everywhere I go to catch random bouts of inspiration as they fly by. I have laughed so much, cried in sheer frustration, jumped for joy (literally) and video chatted with women in The USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Morocco, Ireland, France, Germany and Dubai not to mention so many incredible people all across the UK.

Along with the most fabulous and trusted team of editors and bloggers, I have watched our community grow from just one follower to over 10,000 as it stands today, sustain and nurture this ever-expanding mailing list and don my superwoman cape to try and ensure every single email gets a personal reply. 

I have enlisted help, decommissioned help and tried to remain open to the ever-expanding list of opportunities coming our way. I have designed and launched a digital magazine, gotten really, really organised at content management, failed at content management miserably and started again. I have systemised, flown by the seat of my pants and had several (and the rest) mini meltdowns along the way.

This year has also seen me forge collaborations with some of the most powerful influencers in the world. I remain to be completely in awe of the stories I am told, the featured journeys, still ongoing, and the sheer endurance and perseverance of the women we are chosen to feature. I beam with pride every time I see our Spotlight features and magazine covers because I know how incredible these women are and they chose us to share their stories. The platform I launched just twelve months ago with one single follower.

Has it been an easy ride?


Would I change it?

Absolutely not.

I am learning. I accept (and hope) that I will always be learning. I am growing, not only as a business but as a woman. I stand in my purpose fully and resolutely because I know, no matter how the journey unfolds that leading this community is the way. I can't even begin to express the gratitude I feel for the people I have met in the last year or the lessons I have learned as a result of the good and the not so good experiences along the way and I realise, not for the first time, that the only journey not featured in The Spotlight is my own.

Maybe this year...

Thank you to you our readers and cheerleaders. To every single one of you that read a post, followed one of our accounts, hit the 'like' or 'love' button, subscribed to our She-Mail, joined our Community and collaborated and shared their incredible work or stories with us. To each one of you who offered a hand, your time, caffeine, wine and cake.

I love and appreciate you.

Moving into the next year the plans are bigger than ever, expansion, events, collaborations and meet-ups are all on the cards. Ideas and inspiration seem to be everywhere I look lately. 

The universe is showing up big time.

I am ready. So ready to bring this new phase to the world and since The Female CEO is actually all about you and your journey it seems imperative to ask, what do you want to see? 

What would make the community extra for you? What do you need? 

Drop me an email and let me know! 

So, back to now. Right now we have for you the March roundup of CEO magazine... yay! If you missed any of this month's features they're pretty much all summed up in this online (and downloadable) publication. Take us with you, read online and remember to let me know what you think. Your opinion matters to me.

So what's inside?? 

This month we were incredibly fortunate to be able to bring some brilliant new faces to our site, hurrah! Such as the ultra vibrant Debora Luzi who brought us 'How to write content to engage and sell' and fabulous therapist and coach Kristin Bornstein with her insightful article 'The surprising tricks to help you to create a long-lasting self-care routine'. We also have coverage of International Women's Day 2019 and their #balanceforbetter campaign (one of my favourite March events) and of course, we got to shine our Spotlight on one of my absolute favourite artists, the incredibly talented and all-around gorgeous human, Camilla d'Errico of d'Errico Studios (fangirl moment!). Take a look at her work, its impossible not to fall madly in love with her gorgeous talent and immediately purchase and adorn the walls of your home or office... yes, I did that. 

We've also got coverage of #ThatGirl's Stand In Your Purpose event (Awesomeness!) check out our Girl Natasha's photo on page 40 #fierceandfabulous and we're back once again with gorgeous guest blogger, mama and health and fitness coach Melissa Jones with her motivational article for The Retreat, '5 ways keeping fit and healthy can boost your business'. 


You'll find the link to all of that amazing stuff here so grab a glass of fizz (hey, its 5 pm somewhere, right?) put your feet up and read on.

Enjoy CEO's I'll be back with you next Friday and in the meantime, you'll find me hanging out in The Community and on the social pages (links below. Come over and get involved, it's always a party). 

With love and appreciation to you,

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