Your time is non-refundable

Todays #tuesdaythoughts are all about how your time is non-refundable. 

Do you find yourself offering your help or services just to 'help someone out' or alternatively do you spend your evenings glued to the glowing screen of the TV rather than with your head in your business? It's often the case that I hear people say 'I haven't the time!' and in many cases this may be your reality, it may even feel true but I guarantee if you counted up the hours you spend on social media scrolling through other peoples lives, watching TV, reading emails etc you would have time every. single. day. to do one thing for your business.

Yes, yes I know we can't all down tools and focus all day every day on our passions/ missions - insert word preference here - but we can all find even just five minutes each day to do one thing.

So, that's my challenge to you. What's your priority?  Make the decision and just do one thing every day. Even if it's just a microblog or email setup. It's not even about what you do, it's about keeping the momentum going. If you can do that you're halfway there because each day you're building on your dream, you are reminding yourself that you are prepared to make the time to live your life on your terms, your way and you are worth the effort. 

Your time really is non-refundable. Use it wisely and carefully, if you're using any excess time to help others out then great. I'm all for paying it forward BUT whatever you do don't make that the reason you don't make the time.

Can you ask others to help you in return? Maybe free up half an hour so that you can work on you? Don't be taken for granted and know your worth.

You are your only job, your only problem and your only solution.

I believe in you. 

Tricia ScottComment