You are allowed

You are allowed to have a peaceful December. 

You are allowed to take some time away from your computer.

You are allowed to choose for yourself what success looks like. 

You are allowed to say no to the things you don't want to participate in. 

I am using our FriYAY she-mail today to remind you, in the month of all things madness,  that you are in the driving seat and remind you that by saying no to the things we don't want, we are opening up to saying yes to the things we do. Now, you might be sitting there thinking, is she off her head? It's DECEMBER Trish! I HAVE ALL OF THE THINGS TO DO! 

Alright, I hear you (really I do). Hear me out, ok? 

You are allowed to say no to an extra day at work and yes to another glass of fizz by the fire instead.

You are allowed to say no to that ten thousandth query and yes to that party invite or decorating the tree in your favourite shiny AF baubles. 

You are allowed to say no to that family gathering and yes to Christmas cocktails with your girls, Gin-gle bells anyone? 

There's NOTHING wrong with making decisions that please and delight you. It's the entire wonderful point of having freedom of choice! What would rock your socks off right now? Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows? A catch up with a super amazing and inspirational entrepreneur or ten (check out The Spotlight for some of that), grabbing a pretty notebook and making plans, sketches and designs for your ultimate 2019? 

Do it. 

Choose love, fun, delight, wonder and exploration above all else this December and do it without a shred of guilt. Don't live your life out of the habit of people pleasing because one day you'll wake up and think what the fuck happened? 

Get selectively selfish. This is super important. 

Read that again, I'll wait. 

Yes, work is important, the family are important, clients are important but there is a time and a place for everything. I'm not telling you to never do any of that stuff again but It's our job to choose the time and place. What would it take to look after your needs first this month? The answer may surprise you because oftentimes it's the exact opposite of what you've been doing all along.

Tricia ScottComment