When life gives you backache

How's your week been? As I write this, I am lying down flat, balancing my iPad and trying not to move too much from my reindeer shaped hot water bottle, you see I've hurt my back. Understatement. I've really hurt my back and so I'm lying here thinking about our community and what my body is trying to tell me by laying me up like this. 

Does this ever happen to you? All is going great, you're just about managing to balance all of the things you need to do on a day to day basis, while just about keeping your head above water and then


Something stops you in your tracks. It's happened to me before, just in a different form. In fact, I wrote a little bit about it for you a while back. 

I'm a firm believer (although in practise I'm not always that great at hearing) that your body is always giving you messages, it's just up to us whether or not we decide to listen and act upon our instinct. For me, I've realised that when I don't hear it or choose not to listen, that's when my body throws something at me to force action. 

Your body is way smarter than you think. It knows what you need. All of the time. We've become so tuned out by all of the noise around us that it's become almost impossible to find the time to get still and actually hear ourselves above the din. 

Can you tune in? 

Yes, you can. 

It's funny, the simplest action in the world feels so hard at first but it gets easier. It's all about making the time. 

Easy for me to say? 

Absolutely not. 

In fact, it's probably the very reason I'm writing to you from my bed. Too many hours working, thinking and planning and not enough time tuning in. Not even five minutes to really listen to my body has left me with nothing else to do but think about it! It's sneaky too, when you love what you do, because it doesn't feel like work, but work it is. That's one of the things I find really tough to catch.

I LOVE my business, I ADORE planning, thinking and strategising with my team and I am learning to realise when I need a break. A walk in nature, reading a non-work related book (Marian Keys is my fave), laughing with my family and friends, what's yours? 

It's not that I never do any of those things, by the way, it's just that sometimes I need more of it than others and likely you're the same. We may go weeks or months working ourselves crazy and feeling fine and other times we hit a wall. 

It's a balance, difficult but by no means impossible. 

I'm not perfect, I'm just working through the same as you are, choosing my workload, balancing my family life and reminding myself to have non-work related fun every now and again. I'm definitely getting better and you know what?

I reckon we've got this. 

Have a great weekend CEO's and don't forget to take a break, look around you once in a while and just listen,

Tricia ScottComment