Whats coming up?

I know! A TUESDAY blog! I'm an entire 4 days late (or a week if you count the fact that last week I didn't write at all due to having tonsillitis). I did mean to write this on Friday but because I've been sick everything just seems to be miles behind and of course if I was taking my own advice I would have been taking self care to the maximum and benefitting from more rest and recuperation however I've actually been catching up on some reading and your emails and it's been fabulous. I love hearing from you and reading your blogs and articles. There's so much new and exciting content coming your way and Icannot wait for you to read it! 

So, what's coming up? 

Well, this week I will be proudly introducing you to one of the most awe inspiring women I have  ever had the pleasure to connect with. Anistia Thomas is a Female CEO, leader, advocate, domestic violence survivor and most importantly a bonafide mother. You may have read about her in the November edition of CEO magazine when we covered her incredible baby shower and motherhood conference (utterly amazing) and I am thrilled that she has returned to us for a Spotlight interview all about her journey to date, and what a journey it is. Stay tuned, You don't want to miss this one! 

Also in the news for The Female CEO this week is that we have a brand new face on board. The very beautiful Melissa Jones is joining us in February with a monthly column all about looking after your body and your mind. Melissa is a Mama, passionate fitness advocate and coach and having already read her first article I can't wait to bring her expertise to our community.  

As if this wasn't enough already we also have an upcoming article from our freedom and  design superwoman Katie Foster. If you're looking for ways to make your business stand out in a crowded marketplace with gorgeous graphics, we've got you covered as Katie gives us her top five Canva tips (super useful) and if you haven't used Canva before don't worry she's got you covered for that too! 

Look out for all of the above and so much more over the coming weeks over onthe website and of course, as ever, if you want to chat with us then drop a message in The Community or on the contact page .

You are never alone here. 

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