The true meaning of Christmas

Oh. My. Goodness.

Have you seen the alternative Christmas advert? This was not supposed to be the topic of today's She-Mail, however, in true Trish fashion I had a change of direction when I saw the new advert created by 32 year old Phil Beastall from Gloucestershire.

You may have noticed, I'm a big fan of Christmas, well, all of December actually. I adore the lights, festivities, mulled cider and that feeling of real joy in the air as folks go about their shopping and planning for the big day. Of course there are downsides (Black Friday anyone?!) but that aside I simply LOVE it.

I realise though that I am sometimes guilty of missing the entire effing point with Christmas. While I'm out shopping and stressing about what to buy for whom and how many we need to cater for on Christmas Day I'm missing the essence of it.

Never has that been made clearer to me than sitting down to watch this video. Made for less than £50 in his friends house Phil has managed to create what John Lewis pay millions for every year. It's soulfully simple and packs a punch harder than Mike Tyson in his heyday. 

All of a sudden I am reminded that Christmas really is just all about love. Every kind of love. Above and beyond the presents, glitter and ribbon, we celebrate because we love. As humans we are capable of such amazing things but of them all I believe love to be the greatest. If we love then we win. 

Think about it, love can heal a soul, build a passion, create a life and forgive almost anything and at this time of year I find that it really is much more abundant or perhaps prevalent than at any other. As as example, I have worked many a Christmas Day with the charity Crisis in their centre local to where I live and while I am so very lucky to have a family and friends around me that I love and whom love me it's not the reality for everyone. Crisis offer a place for everyone at Christmas. It's not about being homeless. It's about a safe place, a shelter and the laughter and company of other souls seeking companionship and I have to tell you, those are some of my most favourite Christmas memories. Seeing the true, pure connection between people, watching my fellow volunteers laughing and engaging in what I know for sure its a moment of real selfless joy. Love right there. As much as they have to offer, you can't just pop to the shops and buy that. 

I'm so grateful that this message came to me as a sharp reminder while I was busy creating my Christmas lists, buying yet another gift and collecting gift receipts like they were going out of fashion that the true meaning of Christmas is so simple. What the advert proves is that it doesn't have to be expensive to be effective, it doesn't have to be fancy to get the point across and people resonate with what is heartfelt and real. Theres a business message in there somewhere ;) 

So as I appear to something in both of my eyes, I'll leave you with what is in my opinion the most poignant Christmas advert ever and with the immortal words of Hugh Grant in Love Actually,

'love really is all around' 

Tricia ScottComment