The only thing you'll even need and the key to everything

Is you.

That’s right, you are your only real, true commodity. The ONE THING you can change, make better or worse. 

You are the worst and the best thing that can happen. 

You see those other women out there killing it. They’re the ones taking the latest super high intensity workout class and still looking like Kim K all glow-y and pouty (FYI I look like a sweaty beetroot after cleaning the bathroom), the ones sitting in a pavement cafe in Paris writing their latest killer blog and snapping pics of their champagne and the ones walking to the stage, a thousand or more eyes on them as they prepare to make corporate history with what they are about to deliver.

They’re making it happen. 

It might look to you like they have it all, maybe they do and maybe they don’t. Like most of us, they are just doing everything they need to do to make it work. Is their life all super easy? Doubtful. Did they get there by sitting on their bums complaining that life isn't fair? Nope. They got that killer body from doing the work, they’re in the gym day in and day out. They have no time to think about whether or not you like it because they’re showing up for themselves. They don’t care that the world around them is thinking they’re crazy, or too much or not enough or being all judg-y about drinking champagne with breakfast, they’re just doing them. For them. Spectators or not. 

No fucks given. 

So how do we take a leaf (or a whole damn chapter) out of these women’s books? 

We take back control of our power. Think aunt Polly in season one of Peaky Blinders*. You have ultimate, unlimited potential and power and it's up to you how you use it. Does this make you a little bit scared? Good. It should, because those women are not doing anything you cant. Excuses out of the window. They’re just deciding for themselves that this is the life they’re going to lead and you can too. 

Decide what you’re going to do and commit to it, for you, no matter what. 

Are you going to write every day? Do it no matter what. 

Attend networking events weekly. Do it no matter what.

Read to your kids at bedtime every day. Do it no matter what. 

Because when you make a promise to yourself, you’re not only making a decision for you, you’re going to show up for everyone around you too. Happier, more determined, positive and capable. Be you, that’s all you can ever be. Stop worrying if anyone will like you and just do what you need to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be. In doing so you become that woman you were checking out and just like her, you never know who you’re influencing along the way. 

Isn't that fabulous? 

Tricia ScottComment