*Success Secret* Most people don't know what the f***k they're doing either

Entrepreneur, Trailblazer, Innovator, Mover annnddd Shaker. 

If you’re going to walk your own path and dance to your own tune then you’ve got to know that a lot of what you do is going to be trial and error. If you want to stand out you're going to need to stray from the mainstream once in a while. 

It’s no good looking at other people’s social media feeds and despairing that they’ve got it all together. You know the ones, everything is serene and perfect with awesome images and everyone in the world is commenting how fabulous they are while in the meantime your computer has crashed, your website won’t work and no one is engaging on your social pages. Before you cry out IT’S NOT FAIR! remember that we’re all in this together, to an extent we’re all winging it and often what looks like failure is just a lesson in the next success (ask any girl with winged eyeliner!). Any entrepreneur will testify that what looks like an overnight success, never is. 

It’s going to be ok. You are most definitely not alone.

Being a trend setter isn’t always easy but the rewards and your freedom are so worth it.

I believe in you. 

Tricia ScottComment