Keepin' it real

Now you know I'm all about a great business message and good energy but let's keep it real. Running your own business isn't always going to be a walk in the Bahamas. It can be tough, rough even when you're starting out and occasionally being an entrepreneur can be downright lonely.

I read a post this week from a good friend of mine sharing her vulnerability around running a business and it was awesome. It also got me to thinking. 

I used to worry about my business, especially in the beginning. I spent way too much time looking around at all of the posts, pictures and emails about successful online entrepreneurs and their armies of followers on social media. In truth, I wasted so much time back then just wondering (and mentally torturing myself) what I was doing wrong. 

So, what was I doing wrong? 


The biggest crime I was committing was against myself and my productivity and what happens when the doubt sets in? You move away from your inner guidance and intuition and straight into the hands of the get rich quick-ers. Looking back at some of the utter crap I paid for I'm surprised they don't show up in their fancy videos on a horse wearing a black mask, Dick Turpin style.

But you see that's their niche, they know, beyond doubt that there is a massive market out there for the unsure consumer and they are ready with their '7 figure business in a month' strategies. They know that you're tired, weary of yet another day in front of the screen without a sale and they're so ready to 'help' out, and you can do it in a week! 


I'm sorry to burst your bubble but those people are praying on you and your business, big time. You've probably heard me say it before but an overnight success is never that. It might look like it, you might only have heard about it recently but to bring a successful product or business to the recognised marketplace takes time, patience (not my personal strong point) and work. 

The best coaches in the business will tell you (and I speak from the experience of being lucky enough to work with lots of them over the years) that you have to plan, be prepared to put in the hours and the thought, systems and strategies required to build the foundations before you start the actual work itself. But this is where most people become unstuck, they don't want to lay the foundations, plan and prepare they just want it right-this-minute-now. They want the three-day working week from the beach at sunset with a glass of Cristal and Geroge Clooney like, yesterday. 

Is it possible? 

Well, the three-day working week (yeah), from the beach (if you like), at sunset (whatever floats your boat but that sounds like cocktail hour to me) with a glass of Cristal (totally up for that) and with George? (you'd have to clear that one with Amal) is possible and you can have it all - of course you can! Just don't be disappointed if you don't have it at the beginning. 

There will be times you have to sacrifice. Taking a part-time job or working on weekends or evenings are not signs of failure or a bad idea, they are signs of consistency and dedication. In the words of Dave Ramsey, you have to be willing to live like no one else will now so that you can live like no one else can later. 

You can't build an empire without first going through the construction. 

So rather than only looking toward the end goal (the beach the champagne and George) start enjoying the journey along the way. Slow down, stop worrying and enjoy the moment because you're creating something wonderful, something special and unique and it deserves your full attention right now. By nurturing your idea or your business and stopping to visualise and dream it out more you're not going backwards, you're allowing space for creativity and allowing your dream to develop into something even better than you could ever have imagined. Give your business the attention it deserves, invest in yourself where you can, gain insight and surround yourself with likeminded people (like our community), be consistent in what you offer and above all, never give up. 

Tricia ScottComment