Just do it

Are you scared? Do it anyway 

Shy? Do it anyway 

Unsure? Do it anyway

Will people judge you? Probably, but it doesn’t matter.  

Be the only one who decides for you. Start speaking even if your knees shake. Even if your hands shake and the tears well up in your eyes, because you have to be willing to fight for your voice. You have one life and you have something to say. No one owes us anything, and because of that, we are all even. You are as good, powerful and capable as anyone else.

Be the change you need to see in the world. Live and breathe this mantra and maybe, because of you, someone else's life might just change too. By empowering ourselves and using our own unique voice, we allow others to do the same. Imagine the possibilities. 

Do it. We need what you have to offer. 

The world is waiting for you.

Tricia ScottComment