I see you, oh wait...

Did it snow where you are yesterday? I immediately went into annual panic mode because my car, whilst gorgeous and shiny isn't a winter fan whatsoever and of course with the first flakes it became armageddon, day-after-tomorrow style burning books in a snow and ice buried library whilst waiting for rescue in my head ... but then it cleared in about fifteen minutes. Dramatic? Me? 

I digress, I was asking how you are because I really want to know but I realise that I probably wouldn't really know because mostly, I can't see you. I can't see your beautiful sunny, full-of-purpose and drive for the Best. Year. Ever face because while I fully believe that you are reading this looking the absolute bombyou are not in my face telling me what you're up to. 

This is not ok. 

I see (or don't, more to the point) this too much. I know, because we talk, don't we? That you have brilliance in your business. I know that you offer ah-mazingservices and I know that your clients adore you so why doesn't everyone else? 

I'll tell you why. 

Because generally, we are pretty bad at talking ourselves up. This is not news. It's been happening since forever and also not-breaking in the news department is that people, generally have lives to live. Stuff is happening all the time and if you don't tell anyone what you're doing or what you're being fabulous at they won't know. They're so busy in, you know, life that unless you speak up you will remain undiscovered and that, for the love of all things holy, is a crime but you know what is an even bigger horror show? If you're not telling anyone then you're probably not even noticing it yourself. 

What to do? 

Celebrate the wins. 

All of them. 

Got a new follower today - Celebrate

Introduced a client to your brilliant service - Celebrate 

Managed to have a warm(ish) cup of coffee while the baby slept for 20 minutes - Celebrate 

The more you recognise every win, the more comfortable you get with the process. Practise for a week and see how you get on. Write it down if you can and then look back. What's been great this week, this month or this quarter? and get used to telling people about it. 

Share testimonials when your clients tell you that you've absolutely rocked it for them, drop in on your support networks and communities and tell them! By their very nature, these are the places where your cheerleaders are so start off there. 

'Hey, guess what? I got 50 subscribers last month!! Who wants to raise their gin filled teacup and cheers to my obviously endless talents?'

You get the picture. 

And, yes, I will cheer for you. 

To kick start our 'Yes, I am completely awesome at what I do and you can form an orderly line to work with me' challenge I am introducing a Fabulous Friday to the community on Facebook. This is where you can drop in tell us your wins for the week. What was great? Who loves you and why? What are you getting better at? Did the baby sleep for longer this week awarding mama a full half hour to read her emails in silence? 

Tell us. 

Work with me and send a message to your fellow entrepreneurs that it's OK to be brilliant. Start here and remind yourself that all of the wins, even the seemingly teeny micro ones, are not just important but VITAL to us as people. It can be personal or business related, it really doesn't matter. What matters is that you remember because when you do, you shine, and not just a surface-y shine-y ness but a deep resonance with remembering exactly why you're here and what you offer and from there the possibilities are endless. 

Endless I tell you.

Tricia ScottComment