How a pickle saved my life

It's almost time. 

The holiday season is just about upon us and all thats left to do is the last bits of shopping, wrapping the presents (if you're like me and have left it all to the last min) and charge a glass to each other. 

I think you're pretty awesome.

I raise my bubble filled glass to each and every gorgeous one of you to wish you and yours the very best for your holidays (and every other day too) and I thank you for being with me this far on our journey together, I am so excited about whats to come - there's so much! 

I also want to take the opportunity to introduce you to our final woman of the month for 2018 and what a woman she is. If, like me, you adore inspirational women (of course you do!) then you are going to love Michelle Wemyss of The Pickle Palace. 

She titled her Q&A 'How a pickle saved my life' and I won't lie, my eyes leaked a little bit when I read it. Michelle is one of those women that when you meet her you can't help but be excited by her energy. She literally bounces as she talks excitedly about the things she loves, her work, friendships and her beautiful children. You always leave a conversation with Michelle feeling better than when you started. She's literally a pocket rocket of positive energy. 

All of my favourite things

I am thrilled and beyond proud of her courage and tenacity to share her story.

Take some time, sit back, even just for 15 minutes and enjoy...

Co-Founder of the incredible Social Enterprise that is The Pickle Palace, makers extraordinaire of chutneys, pickles and jams collecting as many fruit and vegetables as possible from locally sourced farm shops, allotments and local supermarkets in order to save as much food from landfill as possible and lovingly up-cycle into absolutely fantastic range of products. Also providing lunch clubs, soup kitchens and food markets on a pay as you feel basis. 

So far The Pickle palace has saved over 100 tonnes of food in only 12 short months and fed over 7000 people along the way.

Michelle is certainly no stranger to hard work. Balancing her philanthropic endeavours with her role as a single mum of four has been no easy task and I’m massively grateful that she has taken time out of her incredible schedule to talk to us about her journey. From getting her kids out of the door in time for the school run to running around supermarkets collecting produce and organising ‘pay what you feel’ markets in her local community Michelle can teach us a thing or two about balance. 

You can read the rest of Michelle's story here

Have a wonderful Christmastime CEO's, be great to one another and I'll be back next week with another She-Mail and our December issue of CEO magazine, just for you. Don't forget to drop in to The Community  and let us know how your preparations are going, or not as the case may be! or of course, feel free to reply to this email. I may not get back to you immediately but I do read all of my messages personally and I'll get back to you as soon as I am able. 

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